Vintage Christmas Village Vignette and DIY Wool Wrapped Trees

Happy Monday Everyone!

I've had a productive start to the week by photographing my home Christmas tour. I just have to put it all together. In the meantime, I have a few posts to tide you over. 😀

Today I'm sharing this neutral Christmas Village Vignette, including vintage items and wool wrapped trees, that I have created on the cabinet next to the tv in our living room. 

I'm so pleased with how this display turned out, so let's break it down in detail. 😃

I can't remember if the display came together before or after I started making these DIY wool wrapped trees, but either way, they are the perfect addition.  A visit to the wool isles at Spotlight was all it took to find some cute cream, brown and gold fancy wool, perfect for wrapping cute Christmas trees.

I did have some difficultly finding polystyrene cones, but found wrapping old cardboard into cones worked well too. And no one can see what is under them so it was cheap to utilise what I had. 

The milk can doubles as a silo type of farmhouse structure, holding a gold tinsel tree and snowy branches. And vintage books make great risers throughout the display.

I also added a few vintage doilies here and there for added interest, like the small one under this tree.

I love this old metal grater as a tree trailer/sleigh.

And this other vintage grater doubles as a tree stand/planter.  I love the patina of both of them.

I threw in a few bottlebrush trees.

And some adorable sparkly ornaments I purchased this year at Bed Bath n Table.

I love the different textures and sizes of all the trees.

And a glass cloche holds a small wooden house, complete with a mini green wreath.

Repetition of the trees, ornaments, books and doilies tie everything together nicely. And at night, softly glowing string lights across the vintage mirror in the background makes for a very pretty setting. 😍

Join me tomorrow for my living room farmhouse Christmas shelves!

Take care and stay safe!
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  1. Totally love all the texture of these, very creative and will work for all winter decor! From Tuesday Turnabout, Sandi

    1. Thanks so much Sandi! I hadn't thought of that. We have a Summer Christmas here in Australia. I might not pack them with the Christmas items now. :)


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