Christmas Crochet and Macrame Gift Tag Ornaments & Gift Wrapping Ideas

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Can you believe it is only a handful of days until Christmas?! I remember putting up our tree in October and being told I was starting way too early. But now I'm glad cause my decorating took longer than I had hoped. But thankfully I am ready for Christmas. I have accomplished all the crafts I wanted to do this year and all my Christmas shopping is done. And although it took me a few days to wrap everything, I'm totally glad I put in the extra effort to make the presents look really special this year. 

I wanted to add lots of embellishments to my presents this year. And I wanted the embellishments to be presents in themselves. I wanted them to be items that could be reused by either hanging on a tree, or put away as a keepsake or re-gifted to share the joy. I think I accomplished all those things. 😊

Keeping with my crochet and macrame crafting, I created little ornaments that could be tied to each present. 

This cute crocheted tree looks so pretty tied on with classic white ribbon.

And my first attempt at a macrame tree shaped ornament decorates another gift. There are lots of websites with instructions on how to make these ornaments if you want to give it a try.

This little crochet tree goes well on the top of a DIY gift wrapping bag, tied with gold ribbon and a gift tag.

I also experimented with crocheting different designs like this simple white tree and star. And then attaching a wooden bead before tying it to the front of my presents. 

Here are a few more ornaments/decorations attached using green and white twine to the front of cards. I've attached their gifts and an air dry clay star to the front.  Because the gifts were small in size, it helped to use a large card instead of a gift tag to display the ornaments. 

Another idea I used this year was this cardboard 3D tree garland that I purchased from Ikea.  I couldn't find the perfect place to hang it, so I decided to take the garland apart and use the trees as embellishments on my presents. 

I made fitted gift bags with the top folded down on all my presents.This allowed me to punch a hole on the top of each present bag to feed through ribbon and twine. Here is another present with one of the cardboard trees attached, together with a gift tag and personalised air dry clay star tag. I've used these type of clay tags for place settings before. The recipient could easily hang them on their own tree or store them as a keepsake.

I also picked up these cute gold glitter pinecone embellishments at Ronis. They were a pack of 12 I think for a couple of dollars. 

Similarly, I found a packet of these wooden tree embellishments in a packet of 6 for a few dollars. 

I wrapped my daughter's friend's gifts in the same gift bag technique. There was also a smaller present for each girl, so I wrapped it separately in a smaller DIY gift bag so it didn't get lost. I then attached the smaller gift, together with a personalised star ornament and a gold pinecone, to the front of the larger present using pretty white ribbon.

I also included a sprig of faux pine branch to some of the presents. 

So for gifts that were similar, I made then unique by personalising them with different embellishments.

I also purchased a packed of small folding gift cards and a similar style of larger gift tags so I was able to mix and match.

My gift paper was a mixture of Target wrapping paper and Ikea wrapping paper. I must say, this was the first time using Ikea paper and I don't think I would buy it again. It was super noisy. I know that sounds strange, but trust me, you don't want noisy paper when you are trying to wrap presents and your kids are trying to sleep. 

All my ribbons were from Spotlight and the twine I alway have rolls of.

And here they are under the tree. My kids are at the age where they give me a wish list. So they know that the presents will appear before Santa. 😉

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? How is your wrapping going?