Christmas Mantel and Crochet Christmas Garland

Happy Sunday Friends!

This week I've been trying to get more Christmas present shopping done. Just when you think you have it all done, something is out of stock or you forget someone or it arrives and just wasn't what you thought it would be. That is me this year! 😩

I've also been researching different ways to wrap my presents. I don't usually put in a great deal of effort with wrapping, but this year I've found a few ideas I really want to use. Stay tuned for them. 😁

I've also been brushing up on my crocheting skills and have created a few little Christmasy pieces, one of which is a garland for our mantel, which I'm sharing today. So, let's get go it and take a look at this year's Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Village Mantel.  😊

As with all mantel styling, I have to style around our chimney flue, so bear with me. 

This year I've done most my styling based around trees and houses and little Christmas village scenes. 😍

I purchased this large bottlebrush forest display from Kmart. It is perfect for our dining table riser. And when we move the riser, it lives on the fireplace! Cool, hey?

I found these cute houses at The Lifestyle Warehouse. After buying this one, I had to go back for the smaller version for the other side of the mantel. 😄

I've also used a few of these wood cut offs as risers underneath my smaller trees.

And on the other side I have the small house sitting on a large wooden spool to give it some height. 

This year I became a bit obsessed with the mini bottlebrush trees. I even added some small gold beads to a few of them with hot glue. 

For the base of this tree, I used an old door knob as a trunk/stand.

And for this year's mantel garlands, I made a plain crochet chain made out of gold glittery wool, and another one made from crochet chain with crochet stars and trees.

I absolutely love the way the ornaments turned out. You could also add different embellishments. 

I found the pattern for them here. The wool I used is an 8ply. I needed 2 of the 50g balls. And the hook is a size 4.5mm.

You make two sides, and then crochet around them to join them together. I stuffed the middles with foam from a cushion insert I wasn't using. I love how they turned out puffy.  

Another new addition this year is these hanging cow bells. I love them! I found that at Tree of Life. They even sound like cow bells. 😂

Next up I'll be sharing my display cabinet! 

Take care and stay safe!
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  1. I absolutely love the crocheted banner. I will be asking my crafty sister to make one for me. Thanks for sharing


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