DIY Christmas Bon Bons

Happy Thursday before Christmas!

Today I'm sharing my DIY bon bons. I have wanted to make our own bon bons for a few years now. We seem to always get the same old trinkets in our bon bons and I wanted to do something different. 

When Spotlight had these kits on sale, I decided this was the year to make our own! Each pack came with 6 bon bons and I bought 2 packets. I think they were around $3 or $4 a packet and came with the cardboard, ribbon for tying, party hats, and a joke/fact/charade card. And I decided to add my own Lindt chocolates. 

They were super easy to make. All you do is fold the card into a cylinder and slip the little cardboard tabs through to hold in place. 

Next you tie one end of your bon bon with the ribbon.

 The end closes itself into the correct shape when you pull the ribbon tight.

Next, grab all the goodies you want to go in your bon bon. You could print out different jokes or questions or I thought things you were grateful for would be a thoughtful idea too. 

Then simply tie the other end of your bon bon. The snapping strip is glued inside the bon bon already.

I've left my bon bons plain but you could print out name tags or graphics to stick on them as well. 

I'll admit I haven't tried our bon bons yet, but I'll post an update after Christmas. 

Have you ever made your own? What would/have you put in them?