Hi Friends!

Every year we traditionally pull bon bons. And every year I usually buy the semi expensive ones with the silly little toys inside. 

This year I found som bon bon kits at Spotlight so I decided to make our own.

I purchased 2 kits, with 6 bon bons in each.

The kits included coloured paper hats and jokes.

So all I needed to buy was a box of Lindt chocolates.

These bon bons were super easy to make. You just fold the cardboard wrappers in a cylinder.

Then tie one end up with ribbon.

Next, add your hat, joke and chocolates or anything else you want to put inside.

Tie up the other end and you are finished. 

You could also decorate the wrappers with stickers or Christmas embellishments like sprigs of pine or holly. You could also add names of your guests.

I really enjoyed making my own bon bons this year. 😀