Hey friends!

I thought I would get another post in before the day ends. I just wanted to share a couple of Christmas decorating DIY ideas I used this year before I share my home tour. 

The first share is how to make your own vintage looking bottle brush trees. 

I purchased a bag of small shiny gold beads from Spotlight for a couple of dollars. They are approximately 5-6mms. As you can see, there is plenty in the bag. 😁 You'll also need a glue gun. I'm using my new Dewalt hot glue gun. I love this gun. My last one was leaking glue badly. This one is like an industrial one with thick glue sticks. It heats up super fast and although you get a lot of drip as it warms up, it tends not to drip while you are using it. It is also super smooth to depress the handle. I give it a thumbs up if you are in the market for a new one. 😁

I purchased a lot of small bottlebrush trees this year and I wanted to add some interest to some of them by adding some tiny beads/baubles. 

I probably used about 6-7 beads on each tree.  I just eyeballed where I thought they would look good, then added some glue to the bead and pressed it onto the tree spines. 

I love how the creamy white trees turned out!

Another decorating idea I used this year was to add old door knobs to the bases of my bottlebrush trees as tree stands.  

I had a few old door knobs including metal and painted metal ones which blended well with my decorating style. 

Because the door knob holes were larger than my tree trunks, I wrapped some cardboard around them before placing them in to help them stand up straight. (I'm hoping the cardboard is easy to get out.) 

These are just a few new ideas I used this year that you too might like to try. 😊