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Today I'm sharing how I restuffed my Ikea Ektorp Sofa seat cushions, using a cheap, easy and quick method. 

Over time your Ektorp sofa seat cushions can become flat, uncomfortable and downright sad looking. Just like mine pictured above. Those cushions are flat as pancakes!

I had to think about why they were going flat and the most obvious reason was the filling had become flat. 

So, what to do? Add more filling!

First I grabbed some cushion inserts. I had a few spare on hand which meant I didn't have to buy any, but they are relatively cheap at your local craft and homeware stores.

Next I unzipped the cover. The actual cushions also have a zippered cover which contains a thick layer of foam and a layer if feather down material. 

Break open your cushion inserts to reveal the polyester wadding inside. 

Start pulling out small wads and on the side of the cushion with the feathers, start to stuff in your filling. 

Try to get it as even as possible. (You don't want lumpy cushions!). And don't over stuff as it will be hard. You may have to play around with how much is inside over a few days to get the right amount of puffiness and comfort. 

Here is the sofa with just the first seat cushion on the right done. You can see difference it makes. It also raises the back cushions up a bit more.

And this is the three seat cushions restuffed. So much better!

I probably used about 3/4 of a cushion insert in reach pillow. Again, how much to add will be a personal preference.

Good luck if you try this method!

Julie :)


  1. That’s a great idea! I had to buy new bottom cushions…I just don’t want to let go of this sofa! It’s already 15+ years old and has had daily use by 4 + people. Now the springs are saggy…I think I could put some plywood underneath -lol. What other cheap sofa is as good and will last as long as these Ektorps. Too bad they discontinued it and are using polyester in their covers instead of the nice heavy cotton that there used to be.

  2. Seriously- such an obvious solution but I didn't think of it. You have saved our 12-year-old Ektorp! Thank you!


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