How To Restuff Ikea Ektorp Sofa Cushions Cheap, Easy and Quick

My Ektorp sofa seat cushions were flat as pancakes and uncomfortable. We bought it secondhand and it must have been well used by the previous owners. New covers made it look pretty, but there was no mistaking the cushions were flat and no amount of fluffing helped. 

Then I had an idea, I'd try adding some new stuffing to the cushions. 

Here is our flat cushion sofa. (Please ignore the wrinkles.)

Here is our lounge with just the right seat cushion stuffed. So much fluffier. 

All I used was the filling of a few cushion inserts. You could also use flat batting or bagged polyfill. 
I just used what I already had on hand.

I pulled the stuffing out of the cushion inserts and fluffed it up a bit.

Then I took off the white cushion covers, unzipped the cushion inserts and pushed my stuffing in between the foam base and the feather topping. Zipped it back up and put the covers back on.

And presto, new fluffy seat cushions. 

If feels like we have a new lounge. 

I used one cushion insert to stuff each seat cushion. They might even be a bit over stuffed so I'll wait and see how they settle. 

Time spent was about 10 minutes. Cost was zero as I had the inserts.

In fact, it turned out so well that I also did our 3 seater last night. 

Here it is all flat, no fluffing of any of the cushions.

And here it is all nice and fluffy and extremely comfortable.  

Adding a bit of new stuffing to my sofas was the best thing I have ever done. You seem to over look the obvious, but if I look back at old photos now I can totally see my lounge cushions were really flat. 

So for both sofas I used 5 cushion inserts. If you had to purchase the inserts I would guess them to be no more than $5 each, so about $25 in total. That is a lot cheaper than purchasing 2 new sofas. 

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