Hi Friends,

I'm so excited to be sharing my cute little crochet trees with you today! 

For these trees I kept my wool colors neutral. I found an easy pattern on the web and grabbed my crochet hook and a note pad to keep track of my rows.

And in no time I had my little trees all done!

For my bases I cut up an old tree branch, then drilled some holes and inserted small dowels.

My first idea was to use polystyrene cones to fill out my trees.

I could have easily left them like this, until I had another idea.

I grabbed some cardboard and cut out triangles to fit my trees.

Then I glued the cardboard onto my dowels.

Inserted the dowels back into the bases.

And added my crochet trees.

I love the flat trees more, but either way they look so pretty.

And they look great on our entryway table. 

Julie :)