Crochet Standing Christmas Trees


Happy Wednesday/3 Days Before Christmas!

Today I am sharing some cute crochet trees I made for the entryway table. 

I used this pattern for the base of my design, and then carried on the pattern to make them the desired length.

I found it easiest to keep note of the row I was up to by writing it down and marking it off so I didn't lose track of which rows I needed to increase stitches in.

I made three different sizes in three different colours using a small crochet hook. Some of the wool was different thicknesses, so I used a larger hook for the finer wool. 

I had originally planned to use these polystyrene cones as inserts for my tree, and accordingly I made my trees the same length. 

And for the bases, I cut small lengths from a tree branch, then drilled a hole in them the same diameter as my dowels.

And they did look pretty cute, but I wanted my trees to be flatter.

So instead I decided to make cardboard inserts. I did't have any white cardboard, so I ended up cutting up a box and gluing white paper over the card. I didn't want any colour showing through the wool. 

Having a few different layers meant I was able to shape the paper to accomodate the dowel. 

And my trees sat perfectly over the cardboard. And because they are removable I can always change them up again next year. 

I think they turned out so sweet. 

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my DIY bon bons!

See you then!