Christmas Dried Orange Slices - How To and Ideas

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm making this is a short and sweet (just like these oranges 😂) post cause I can't wait to start my weekend. It's been a big week. My kids finished up school today for the Christmas break. My eldest finished Year 8 and my youngest finished Primary School. They are growing up way too fast! 😭 

Today I'm sharing how I made my dried orange slices. First I grabbed some large oranges. I wanted my slices to be of a similar size so I cut off the ends. Then I cut them to approximately 5mm in width. I also wanted them to be the thinnest possible so they dried faster.

Next I patted them with a lot of paper towel, more than once. I again, really wanted to get as much juice out of them as possible. 

Next I lined two baking trays with foil and then placed baking racks on top of the foil. You want to leave some space under the slices so they dry underneath as well.

Next I placed them in the oven on approx 80 degrees Celsius. You want to cook them at this low temperate so they don't burn. I initially set my timer for 2 hours. Then I took them out and flipped them all and put them back in for another 2 hours. After which I checked and turned them and put them in for a final 2 hours. 

And this is how they turned out! They are the tiniest bit sticky so I think they could possibly gone another hour, but overall they turned out really well. 

Then I had to decide what to do with them. 

I decided to make tree ornaments out of most of them using jute twine to hang them.  They look so beautiful on our tree, especially at night with the tree lights shining behind them. 

And with the leftovers I added them to my entryway garland.  They look so pretty!

While I was deciding where to put the leftovers I had them on a plate on this small round table. I think they would look just as cute displayed this way as well. 😁

And that is a wrap for the week! Phew!

Be sure to check out my Home Christmas Tour I posted yesterday. See if you can spot the oranges. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!