Hi Friends,

Today I'm sharing my DIY Epsom salts snow ball tree decorations.  

These snow balls are super easy and very affordable to make. 

I purchased a large bag of Epsom salts which I poured into a bowl. I also purchased styrofoam balls which were approximately 10cms in diameter. I wanted my balls to be big. Lastly I gathered my Mod Podge and a brush for applying. 

I did one half of the ball at a time. Brushing on the Mod Podge, 

Then pressing my ball into the bowl of Epsom salts.

I set them aside for the first half to dry, and then repeated the process.

When they were fully dry I placed some in a try on the coffee table. 

Later I decided to hang them on our Christmas tree by attaching some jute twine. 

I loved how they sat in the branches of our tee and really stood out. 

They also reflected the fairy light with a pretty sparkle. 

Julie :)

Updated 14 November 20220 - I was asked how these would hold up in humidity/moisture in the long term. They did hold up well for the first Christmas, but when I unpacked them the next year they had lost their sparkle and were a bit flat and chalky looking. They are still very usable though and  still a very easy project which looks great. No regrets! 😁