My New Slim Snowy Farmhouse Christmas Tree and Snowy Mantel Garland


Hi friends and happy Wednesday!

I think I buy a new Christmas tree almost every year, in preparation for the next year. Lol. 

Last year was no exception. I purchased a full white tree. But didn't use it. Instead I set up my Ikea sparse tree from last year. 

But then I saw the beautiful slim tree at Target! 👀

Not only does it fit the narrow space a lot better, it is a great height, and looks amazing!

It is also pre-lit! Woohoo, no more hours of trying the get the lights strung evenly. 

And look at those fluffy flocked branches!  Yes it shed, but not as much as my new garland. I'll get that that shortly. 

And it fit my metal tree collar perfectly. 

And with a new tree I got to decorate all over again. 

For this tree I used gold baubles, pine cones, wooden forest animal ornaments, white clay ornaments, and ...

I dried my own oranges again this year. Thin slices, backed in the oven at 80 degrees celsius for 3 hours. 

They turned out amazing. I just poked a hole in the top of each slice and tied some twine to hang them on the tree.

For my display I also included a few mini trees. 

And I love, love, love our new tree!

Keeping with the theme of my new snowy tree, I saw this snowy garland at Myer and knew it would be perfect. It looks gorgeous, but honestly, it sheds like there is no tomorrow! You literally just have to look at it and it snows. Okay, not quite, but if you tough it, expect an avalanche. 😆

I did consider taking it back, but I'll give it a coat of hairspray when I take it down and hopefully it won't be so bad next year. 

I love that this garland has thick snowy branches and the pine cones were a bonus. 

I also layered another bell and bauble garland over it. 

I also added a few plush neutral coloured stockings, some shiny gold bell garlands, and some pretty white ribbons. 

On top of the fireplace I added some faux snow wadding and my branch of bottlebrush trees. 

And at night, the tree looks stunning. 

I love how the lights shine through the orange slices. 

And the lights don't flash, which I thought would be disappointing, but it's actually quite nice. My old flashing ones use to be a bit distracting sometimes.

And that is my final tree and mantel look for this year.

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