DIY Anthropologie Style Mini House and Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Wreath


Happy Tuesday Friends!

Today I'm sharing a wreath I put together a few days before Christmas.  

Anthropologie Snow Village Wreath

These DIY mini house and bottle brush tree wreaths are popular with DIYers at the moment thanks to a similar one being sold at Anthropologie (as seen above). 

I do love my mini houses and my little bottle brush trees so I put this on my list of Christmas projects. 

Unfortunately, finding the houses and trees was the hard part!

Modern light up christmas village offer at Kmart

The only place I could find affordable mini houses was at Kmart. They had these cute little village displays that contained 5 houses and lit up. I knew I could deconstruct one to give me enough houses for my wreath. 

Getting your hands on one was the hard part. I ordered a few online and they kept getting refunded due to no stock. 

Fortunately, I did luck out one afternoon after work when I happened upon a small stash of them in Kmart. I was quick to scoop up two. I knew I only needed one, but they were so cute and only $12 each.
Jolly & Joy Christmas House Decoration 4 Pack White
I had the same problem getting my hands on a box of these little houses from Spotlight. It was when they were marking down all their Christmas items that I found a random box. Woohoo!
8Pcs Mini Christmas Trees Snowy Pine Xmas Party Ornament Holiday Decoration-Beige
And don't get me started on these little cream/beige coloured trees. Rare as hens teeth! 

Catch came through with packets of 8 for $11 each. They were coming from overseas however which took approximately 2 weeks to arrive. But, postage was free and they were exactly what I wanted. 

So after gathering all my supplies, I got out my little houses and started painting them in neutral colours. After they were painted I used my multitool to cut them off the wooden base. 

I then traced out the bottoms of my houses on a cardboard box lid and cut my cardboard to create new lightweight bases for my houses which I attached with hot glue. 

I already had a wreath I wasn't using so I gave it a spray of fake snow. Then positioned all my components around the wreath until I was happy with the placement. Then I hot glued everything on. 

I added some string lights but decided I liked it better without.

I'm so happy with how my wreath turned out! 

I initially hung it on the wall above our dining table, with a faux window behind it. 

It looked great, but given our table was in front of it, I was worried people might be running into it. 

So I found it another home on the wall above my new typewriter! Perfecto!

And I think that is a wrap for my Christmas 2022 posts!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my festive home this year and have found some inspiration for your own home. 

I usually start taking down all my decorations on Boxing Day, but I'm enjoying them too much this year so I'll be keeping them up to enjoy for a bit longer. 😊

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi Julie, this wreath is so wonderful!! The neutral houses and trees are just so perfect! Thanks so much for coming by and joining in at All About Home, I'm featuring this post this evening at the party. Hope you're off to a great start of 2023!!

    1. Thanks Debra! Happy New Year to you too! Looking forward to linking up and following along your decorating adventures in 2023. x Julie


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