Ikea Christmas Tree Makeovers

Happy Monday Friends!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, so of course instead of resting, I'm busy blogging. 😂

Today I'm sharing a couple of makeovers I did yesterday on my small sparse pine Ikea trees. 

You may recall this cute little Ikea sparse pine tree I have in my entryway which was recently included in my Christmas Home Tour. 

Well, when I saw this one on the weekend in Bed Bath n Table, I decided to attempt a little makeover on my Ikea tree. 

I used the same combination that I used on my Droop Pine Christmas Tree to recreate a snowy flocked effect. First apply the spray adhesive, then the snow spray, and when that is dry, seal it with hairspray.

And it turned out pretty awesome! 🙌

I also stole a couple of little plastic pine cones from another tree to fully recreate the look.

I even wrapped the pot in a portion of burlap from an old runner. 

I also had a matching tree in the dining room next to the dining room hutch. 

I'm sure it was feeling a bit left out.

So I gave it a wintery coating of snow as well!

And a cute new pot. 

Then I added these sweet little metal star ornaments.

And I had another success makeover! 😊

I'm so pleased with these little makeovers. I didn't have to spend anything as I already had the snow from my previous project, and I now have 2 "new" trees!

I'm beginning to see a snowy theme here, aren't you? Lol

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