4 Neutral Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths Restyled

Happy Friday Friends!

Last Christmas I made 3 neutral Christmas wreaths using macrame cord. This year I decided to restyle them to create a whole new look. I also restyled a rattan wreath from a few years ago.  

I can't wait to share them with you today! 

Wreath No. 1

Before ...

And now ...

For this makeover I removed all the bells and pine cones. 

Then I added 2 sprays of snowy greenery to the top of the wreath.

Next I attached a fluffy Christmas stocking to the centre of the wreath, and tied on a long burlap ribbon in a bow. 

I'm super happy with this makeover. The larger embellishments look so much better on this large wreath.

I decided to hang this wreath on the front of my glass display cabinet in the living room next to our Christmas tree. I think the size of it here is perfect.  

Wreath No. 2

Before ...

And now ...

For this little chubby wreath I removed the white ribbon and crocheted Christmas tree. 

Then I hot glued some snowy green sprigs of pine, and in the centre I added a small pine cone. 

I love the simple adornments and that they provide a better contrast to the macrame cord.

I've hung this little cutie on the fireplace flue in the living room. 

Wreath No. 3

Before ...

And now ...

For this wreath I removed the white ribbon hanger and replaced it with the same macrame cord so it blends better. 

I kept the burlap bow, but gave it a little trim so it wasn't as long. 

Then I added some small pine cones and flocked sprigs of pine (same as the previous wreath).

Then I added 3 bottle brush trees to the inner base of the wreath. 

This wreath looks perfect hanging on the door in our dining room, next to my flocked Ikea tree. 

Wreath No. 4

Before ...

And now ...

I have seen these type of wreaths on Pinterest with little forests of bottle brush trees so I decided to create my own. I had the wreath from a few years past so I just removed the embellishments.

I had a variety of little bottle brush trees in my decor so I chose a larger one for the centre, and two matching smaller ones for either side. I just removed them from their round wooden bases and poked them into the rattan. 

I love the simplicity of this wreath, and it looks perfect hanging on our front door. 

I love that I was able to create 4 new wreaths this year from items I already had at home.

I hope I've inspired you to restyle some of your own Christmas decor. 

Julie 😊

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