Vintage Wedderburn Scales and DIY Macrame Cord Easter Carrots

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The rain continues to fall in Sydney, causing further flooding and damage. I don't think it stopped raining at all today. Our lawns are mud puddles but I am thankful that is our only worry.  The winds are supposed to pick up this evening and into tomorrow, but we might see a break in the rain, fingers crossed.  Although, they say flooding and wind bring the possibility of falling trees. Can we please get a break here?

Today I wanted to share a cool thrifty find and a quick Easter DIY.   

Two blog posts in one!  

Or three if you count the cute vignette I've made out of both!

So let's get to it!

Vintage Scales

I purchased these scales off Marketplace a few weeks back. I was holding off doing a post on them as I was trying to find out a bit about their history. 

There is a makers mark which says James Wedderburn, and I was able to find the company, Wedderburn Australia, still operating today. 

After not finding any similar scales online, I reached out to the company to ask if they were able to provide me with any information in relation to the scales' history, but sadly I have not heard back.

Wedderburn Scales was established in Sydney in 1896.  There is some further history on their web page, but again, I can't confirm what these scales may have been used for or when. 

A lot of paint chipped off when I wiped it over, but the original paint appears to be a burgundy colour. 

From what I could find, I believe they would be called cast iron balance scales. 

The balance mechanism is in good working order and was one of the features that drew me to these scales in the first place.

That, and the stunning metal trays! I think they might be copper.  

I'm not sure if the weights are original to the scale, but they are a complete set from 1/2 oz to 2 lb and I adore them too. 

DIY Macrame Cord Easter Carrots

Vintage scales also make great display stands!

So I thought it was a great time to share these cute little Easter carrots I made today. 

What you will need:

  • Faux carrots - I purchased. a packet of 6 faux carrots from Big W for $3.
  • Macrame cord - I had a roll of white macrame cord previously purchased from Kmart.
  • Twine or contrasting material for the tops of your carrots. 
  • Scissors.
  • Hot Glue Gun.


  1. Attach your macrame cord by wrapping it around your carrot and securing it with hot glue. 
  2. Remove the current carrot top by twisting it out. 
  3. Replace with twine or string but adding hot glue and twisting it in to secure.
Then place them next to a cute little terracotta pot on it's side like they have toppled out. 

And a few sprigs of greenery complete the look!

And to balance things out, I added a cute little DIY birds nest to my Easter look scales. 

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