DIY Easter Sign, Vintage Sheet Music Wall Vases and Thrifted Bunny Heads

Happy Wet Weekend in Sydney (again) Friends! 

More Rain

The question on everyone's mind is "When will it ever stop raining?".  My heartfelt thoughts go out again this post to everyone effected by the floods on the East Coast of Australia. We've had some flooding around us but have been fortunate not to be directly effected. But for those who have lost friends and loved ones, homes and irreplaceable possessions, pets and livestock and businesses, I'm truely sorry for your losses. 

So whilst being confined to the house this week due to the weather, I've kept busy doing a bit of Easter decorating. 

Today I'd like to share my new DIY Easter sign, DIY Old Sheet Music wall vases, and my thrifted bunny heads. All of which have found a space on the wall in our dining room. 

New DIY Easter Sign

You all know my interchangeable sign by now. I made it years back so I can create different MDF board signs that simply fit into the frame.  

For Easter this year I decided to design a new sign. 

I used the MDF from Bunnings that had the white shiny side. I probably would do that again. Usually I use the brown side and paint it white. Then use black Artline texts and paint on top. This shiny white MDF did not like Artline textas. I ended up buying paint pens in the hope they would stick to it, but it was a battle. A light sanding helped, but I would not use white MDF again. 

Having said that, I'm still very happy with how my sign turned out in the end. 

Vintage Sheet Music Wall Vases

On either side of my sign I decided to make some Old Sheet Music Wall Vases. 

I have previously made these for the sun room. They are super easy. I just wrapped the pages to the desired shape and size, then used clear tape to secure them. 

Then I added some pretty wild flowers in each cone.

Thrifted Bunny Heads

I did mange to pop out last week and grab these Easter bunny wall heads I found on Marketplace. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. After all, I don't usually have animal heads hanging on our wall. 

But I love these ones! They have a cute aged stone effect to them. 

Vintage Printers Tray Easter Wreath Decoration

I also wanted to decorate my Vintage Printers Tray, but couldn't find anything small to put into the compartments.

So instead I decided to display my DIY Feather Easter Wreath in front of it. 

DIY Fresh Eggs Sign

To complete the look I added my Fresh Eggs sign I made a few years back. a

Cause nothing says Easter more than eggs, right?

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I'm currently decorating a few other areas in our home which I'll look forward to sharing soon!

Until then, take care, stay safe everyone.


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