Easter Vintage Sieve

 Hi Everyone and Happy Thursday!

We saw the sun today! It's literally been weeks. And it didn't rain! Not even once. In fact, the weather was beautiful. 

It was also the perfect weather to get some photos done for the blog!

 And today I'm sharing my Easter Styled Vintage Sieve!

I wanted to keep some of my usual decor and just add in a bit of Easter to my sieve display. 

I kept my vintage butter pats and cardboard pot of greenery, but added in a few contrasting eggs, including an old book page egg I made a few years ago. 

I purchased this cute little ceramic rabbit from Target. In fact, I bought two cause they are so cute!  Similar in appearance to my wall bunny heads!

I also kept my small vintage baking tins, but added a sweet little nest of eggs. 

I also kept the old book riser as it helps to keep everything balanced, especially when the sieve is circular. 

And to complete the Easter look I added a garland of green and white flowers to the top of my sieve. 

I kept it simple but I'm super happy with how it looks by just adding in a few extra elements. 

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Take care and stay safe!



  1. Very nice. Love how you decorated the server. I have one I think I'll decorate also. I've got just the place for it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the old seives. But, they are so expensive and I have only ever seen one in my area. Where did you get yours from?

    1. I was lucky enough to spot this one on Marketplace for $30. But I totally agree, they are pretty rare and always around the $100 mark. Just got to be looking at the right time I guess. Good luck! :)

  3. This is stunning!! I love how all the simple elements create such a beautiful display!

  4. This is amazing! I would love it if you would share it on the Fabulous Friday Link Party this Friday, and every Friday after that. You can find the link on my website. Hugs and blessings to you.

  5. I love this! Great combo of vintage and seasonal. I found you at All about Home party. Have a great day. XO- MaryJo from masterpiecesofmylife.ocm

  6. Love this Easter wall art, Julie... and the elements you used are so subdued and pretty! Pinned, and so delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week!

    1. Thanks so much Julie! And for the feature! Thanks for hosting and wishing you a wonderful week! Julie


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