DIY Wooden Candle Stick Holders from Furniture Legs

Happy Tuesday Friends!

How has your week been so far? I've spent the last few days redesigning my blog header and social media logos. Let me know what you think. 

 I've also been doing some online shopping given we still can't go out, and I'll be sharing some of my goodies shortly. 😊

You might remember I recently shared my DIY planked Table Riser which utilised some old furniture legs. Today I'm sharing another project I created using some more of those furniture legs!  

Instead of a riser, I created my own rustic farmhouse style wooden candle holders.  

These were the legs that I originally used on my riser and ended up cutting down so they were all different heights in the end. Some were even cut on an angle. Which actually turned out well, cause I wanted my candle holders to all be a bit different.

Originally I drilled out my candle holes using a 19mm flat wood drill bit to accomodate my 20mm candles. I had planned to simply put my candles in the holes. Then hubby said that was a fire hazard. So, after a bit of research I read that you could use metal pipe caps. 
I found these cute copper ones at Bunnings for $2 each. They were 20mm wide, so I had to drill out my holes a bit bigger. The next size drill bit I had was a 22mm, and this worked just fine.  
Next I grabbed my hot glue gun. I wanted to secure the metal caps so they didn't pull out.
And after a few coats of white enamel paint, they were all finished!
I don't keep candlesticks in our house as we use glass jar candles. So when I went looking at the supermarket online, I was surprised at how hard they were to find. I ended up ordering these ones off eBay. 
My candles fit perfectly! (Just ignore that wonky looking one in the middle. 😂 I think it is just the back of the chair making it look that way. It's straight, promise.)

I made 4 so I can have different groupings and arrangements. 
And don't they look fabulous on my table riser. 😁

I also have some old branches I want to try cutting into candle holders for Christmas. But that's another post. 😉

Take care and stay safe everyone!