DIY Terracotta Saucers and Plaster of Paris Pedestal Risers

 Happy Tuesday everyone!

How was your weekend? We had the warmest weather. But just when you think Spring is coming, today is cold and wet. So there were a few projects I wanted to get done over the weekend that involved painting and some washing. Ominous I know. All will be revealed in good time. 😉

In other news, I had my second Covid vaccine yesterday. I had no side effects to the first shot, other than an excess of energy. I literally could not sit still.  But this second one was totally different. I was tired and had a rough night with dreadful muscle aches. I'm feeling better today though. 😀

Well enough to be sharing my DIY Mix and Match Terracotta Saucer and Plaster of Paris Pedestal Risers.


Pedstal risers are hard to come by in Australia, so I decided to create my own - from terracotta pot plant saucers.

I bought a few different sizes so I could layer them. 13cm, 17cms and 21cms. They ranged from $1 to $3 each so not very expensive at all.

It was when I was stacking them that I realised the two smallest ones could also double as a base for one of my cloches. 

This large cloche didn't come with a base and I'd been using an old jar lid as a base, but this looked heaps better. 

So I grabbed my saucers, a bag of Plaster of Paris that I had left over from my Plaster Pots, a bowl of water and a mixing spoon.

You need to make sure the consistency of the mixture is like a thick paste. 

Then just start layering that stuff on and leave it out in the sun to dry for a few hours.

I made way too much mixture so I ended up doing a few more pots as well. 

After the saucers were dry I sanded them down to smooth away some of the roughness. I ended up sanding down some of the terracotta which caused a fair amount of orange dust. I felt like I needed to try sealing the saucers but I didn't want to use a clear coat in case it made the orange darker. 

So I used some white wall paint to do a few light coats all over the saucers, covering the orange.

Lastly, I mixed up some brown paint and using my finger I smudged the paint on the edges and randomly 
around the saucers. It really gave the appearance of them being old and chippy. 


Here's how they turned out!

I love that I can stack the three together or separately, depending on what I'm styling. 

The middle sized one is perfect for my bunny cloche. 

You may have noticed I also gave my bunny statue a coat of Rub n Buff in Grecian Gold. 

I love that stuff now!

And these two together also work well with my glass cloche base.


Here's the before and after.

Here is the smallest and largest ones stacked together.

And just the smallest one.

I'm thinking different styles of saucers could make differently designed pedestal risers too. 🤔

But for now I'm pretty happy with these three. 😊

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Take care and stay safe,


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  1. So very beautiful.. Love these, they look just like wood!

    1. Thank you! They do look like wood, but a lot cheaper. :)

  2. Great project. I may try this with joint compound

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'm sure that would work too! Good luck!

  3. What a great idea!! I know these are hard to find, so this is perfect to elevate some great cloche displays. Thanks so much for sharing at All About Home, I'm featuring this post Monday evening!

  4. What a great idea! I have a few cloches without a base. Now I know what to do for them. Thanks!


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