DIY Large Halloween Paper Mache Pumpkin

I got this idea from a pin I saw here on Pinterest.

I started with a plastic garbage bag, filling it with scrunched up newspaper, then tying it closed at the top.  I added a cone of scrap cardboard for the stem. Then I tied twine around my bag to create the pumpkin creases. After this I covered the twine with masking tape.

Next step was the paper mache. Using a paint brush to apply the flour/water mixture make the process I little less messy.

Then I put my pumpkin outside in the sun to dry, turning if after a few hours to ensure underneath dried too. Now her is where I admit I was a bit lazy and didn't bother adding any more layers. I just dove straight in to painting my pumpkin white. In hindsight, I should have put more paper in my bag to begin with as the paper mache began to sink a bit when I was painting it. But I guess this also added character, well, that's my excuse.

When it was dry I went over the creases with black marker to add a bit of detail.

And here is my finished pumpkin.

It's fragile, but good for adding to my halloween porch display tomorrow, and best of all it didn't cost anything to make!

:) Julie