DIY Fabric Halloween Pumpkins

Living in Australia, I've always been bah-hum-bug when it comes to Halloween, but this year I decided to ask the kids what they wanted to do and go with it. Of course, they wanted to celebrate Halloween.  So with less than a week to go I've been frantically pinning and crafting and costume shopping (for the kids, not me).

One of the projects I completed today was these fabulous DIY fabric pumpkins. I got my inspirations from pins I found here and here (note: the twine curling did not work for me).

These are so easy to make. In fact, I had 3 large pumpkins whipped up in a before lunch.  

To begin, I just eyeballed my fabric and cut it into a rough rectangle which folded over into an approximate square. I used the sewing machine to sew up the open side, then tided the bottom together with twine.

After flipping the fabric inside out, I stuffed my pumpkins with stuffing, leaving a fistful of fabric which I wrapped with twine at the base, then wrapped and hot glued the stems with different fabrics. For my orange pumpkin I used some scrap brown velvet style fabric, then tied some burlap at the base.  I left the gathered fabric to represent the natural creases of a pumpkin. 

 Ta-dah! Easy, right?

For my white pumpkin I used some thick white curtain fabric, and for extra emphasis on the creases I wrapped jute twine around my pumpkin.

For the stem I cut off my fabric stem and folded it down, hot gluing it to the rest of my pumpkin. I got some more of my white fabric and wrapped it in a roll, then wrapped it in cloth rope. Then I hot glued it all in place. 

For my third pumpkin I used scrap burlap and sewed brown cotton around the pumpkin to create the illusion of creases. 

For the stem I sewed the top closed, then glued a square of fabric over the top. Then I rolled up a scrap piece of burlap to create my stem, leaving the frayed edge up, then hot glued it in place. I then bent my stem and hot glued the fabric so it would stay at an angle.

And there are my 3 easy to sew fabric pumpkins that I will be using in our front verandah Halloween display. I wanted to stick with the neutral colours, but I'm pretty happy with pop of orange as well.  

And most importantly, I used all scrap materials so these did not cost a cent to make!

:) Julie


  1. Great use of your fabric. Your pumpkins are very pretty in your vignette.

  2. These are too cute Julie.
    Great job.
    Happy Halloween.


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