DIY Halloween Potions and Poisons Bottles

I got this idea and the free label download from here.  

This is another quick project I whipped up last minute for Halloween.

To begin, I purchased two glass bottles with cork lids from The Reject Shop. 

And grabbed my black poster paint and PVA glue.

Then I poured a mixture of black paint and glue inside each bottle. Covering the cork caps with plastic before replacing them, so no paint would get on the lids.

Then I began shaking the mixture together and rolling it around to coat the inside of each bottle.
Then I poured out the excess paint and left them to dry over night.

When they dried, I put the caps back on, and printed and attached my labels. 

The little orange bottle is actually a candle I already had. I just attached one of the cool Halloween bottle labels.

I love the way they turned out. They will look great next to my DIY Garbage Bag Cauldron!

:) Julie