I saw this next project somewhere, but for the life of me could not find it again, so had to wing it. It was really easy and I love it.  So does my budding little artist. :)

I had some mdf boards, so simply cut then to the desired length to fit the space on the playroom wall where I wanted it to go.  I also had the wooden letters which I had been hoarding for the right project for about the last 3 years!  A quick sand and 2 coats of white paint and they were done.  I painted the mdf board a cute red, then stroked on white paint to create a shabby time worn distressed effect.  I love distressed!!!  I then measured out the spacing for the letters and pegs and hot glued them on.

And that is it!  

 Here it is in use.  Great also for hanging wet paintings to dry!

I was also thinking this could be used at Christmas to hang all things Christmasy!  Holly being such a festive word.

Now I just have to make a matching one for my little man, and find some quirky arty saying or picture (Naomi??) to hang on the wall above them.