Old Black Stool to Polkadot Cool!

Okay, so I'm now hooked on revamping old (and new) furniture to create lovely new pieces to put in my home.  And I must say I am loving it!

One of my first projects was a plain old black stool, scored for the bargain price of $4 at a garage sale.

Now here is where I have to learn to take the before photos.  Damn, damn, damn! This time I was too eager to recreate and so you will have to use your imagination. :)  Imagine a black wooden stool, similar in shape and size to a piano stool.

Okay, here's what I did.  I unscrewed the stool apart and painted it white.  Bad idea.  The paint did not stick and ended up literally pealing off!  Not my finest work, but trial and error, live and learn, and all that jazz. :)

On the positive side, some of the white paint did stick to the front of the stool, giving it a slightly distressed charm.  So not such a disaster after all.  :)

I then padded and covered the top of the seat in a super cute red and white polkadot fabric with thanks to my trusty glue gun. :)

I then screwed the stool back together.  Now stand back and be amazed ......

The finished product ......

Ta da!

I love, love, love it!  And it's new home is in my 4 year old daughter's bedroom. She loves it too. :)

Total cost of makeover: chair $4, fabric $3.50 (and I still have plenty left over for a cushion cover or similar) = $7.50.  I won't count the paint, padding or glue gun as I already had them in my stash.

On to the next project!