One Cool Stool Make Over!

Yep, lots of posts today.  I'll admit I've been a bit too preoccupied making things to take some time out to share my new projects.  Sorry, I'll try better from now on. :)  But honestly, I'd rather be making than typing. :)

Again I was overly eager and did not take a before photo.  Bad, bad, bad.  Again, please use your imagination.  I started out with a very old stool.  The seat was wooden with lots of paint stains.  The legs were a grey rusty metal.  This piece was crying out for a make over!  And being the nice person that I am, it was lucky enough to come home with me for the bargain price of $5!

Again, there was some trial and error.  Firstly I unscrewed the seat off the legs and sanded it.  I then applied a lovely red coat of paint - and hated it!  Time to cover instead.  So I selected a cute scrap of red and white check fabric from my fabric stash (total cost - zero) and with the help of my glue gun, attached a layer of padding and then covered it with my super cute fabric.

I sanded the rust from the legs and applied 2 coats of spray paint.

I also purchased for approx $3 from the hardware a set of white stoppers for the feet. I imagine the original ones were long gone. :)

Then I put it all together and this was the finished masterpiece ....

Without further adieu ...

Ta da!

This little cutie is has currently taken up residence in the kitchen and is fitting in beautifully. :)

I'm so happy with the result.  Total cost was just over $10 for this make over.  Another keeper me thinks. :)