Thrifted Farmhouse Hutch for My Buffet and a Vintage Kitchenware Display

Happy Friday Friends!

Last week we enjoyed some time away up the Coast relaxing in a small beach town. We had the best weather and spent plenty of time swimming and learning to paddle board for the first time. I'll need a lot more practice. 😂 I even got in some thrifting which I'll be sharing over on my Insta shortly. 

I'm so excited to back in blogging mode despite a slow start to my creativity this year. I have been having a hard time getting motivated lately. I'm thinking maybe I just needed a bit of time out to recoup, rest and relax. But now I'm ready to restyle and relove. 😀 I hope you'll join me for another fun year!

So let's kick this party off with my new thrifted hutch! 


I've had my dining room buffet for a long time. I purchased it from a lady on Gumtree and of course painted it white. It's great for storage and I love being about to tuck my large white vintage basket and my thrifted wooden box on wheels underneath. For many years I've had my road side rescued mirror on top. I love this mirror, but I felt like a change and wanted something that would provide more storage and a display space for some of my thrifted vintage goodies.


So I cleared off my buffet and measured up the top. And then the search began!  

I had thought about building a shelf unit to add to the top of the buffet but the cost of materials was just a bit out of budget. So I scoured Market Place for anything I could use, including hutches and bookshelves. I thought a nice old bookshelf would look great on top, but timing wasn't on my side and sometimes I'm just plain impatient. 😂


Then I found this hutch on Gumtree. Free! Yep, you heard me correctly! I love the glass doors and backing panelling. And it was a great size and only a half hour drive away! Come on hubby, time to go!

It's like new. And I know it's solid wood cause it's surprisingly heavier than it looks. I'm so glad I took hubby with me to collect it cause I would not have been able to lift it into the car by myself. 😜



I knew I'd have to paint the hutch as it was a creamy white colour, in contrast to my current white buffet. So I started by cleaning it and then giving it a coat of Zinsser 123 Undercoat. 


The hutch was very blockish in design compared to my Queen Anne style buffet so at the suggestion of my son (credit where credit is due after all 😁), we purchased some decorative crown moulding from Bunnings to attach to the top. 


After cutting it to size we attached it with nails to the top of the buffet.  I used a nail punch to hammer the nails below the surface of the crown moulding. Then I added some wood putty and sanded it to a smooth finish to hide the nail holes.

While I was puttying, I decided to caulk all the gaps around the moulding and some of the very deep panelling lines on the back of the hutch to make them more uniform and easier for painting.


I used my British Paints H2O Enamel white paint to paint the hutch. It took 2 coats to ensure the creamy tones were covered. 

 I also added a quick coat to my buffet to ensure the top and bottom blended as much as possible.


And then came the fun part - the decorating! 😍

I couldn't decide whether to leave the doors on or take them off. But for the time being, I'm keeping them on.  What do you think? On or off? Open or closed maybe?

I've been collecting a lot of vintage kitchen items and I wanted a place to display them all together, which was what initially sparked my desire for a hutch.  So I knew exactly what I was going to be putting in it. 😊

It's still a work in progress but I'm sure I'll be collecting more pieces on my thrifting adventures to fill in any gaps. 


You may have noticed a few new additions already, including a lot of pudding bowls!

I think they are just so darn adorable. I have never owned any before, but recently I've acquired a lot from the thrift stores and Marketplace.  Some are old and some are newer, but I still love the shape of them all. 

I'm also loving old cookie cutters and vintage baking tins. These pie tins I found on holiday. Aren't they too cute! I didn't have this shape so I was super excited to add them to my growing collection.

I now have a place to display my vintage cutlery collection too! 

I found this vintage wire milk caddy and bottles years ago at a garage sale. I was worried before that it might get broken but now it has a proper home too. 


I was lucky enough to find a box of vintage rolling pins and kitchen gadgets on Marketplace not so long ago. It included some of these cool rolling pins and the vintage hand mixers. 

Since then, I've been slowly building on my rolling pin collection. I'm not sure how to tell what is vintage and what is not, but anything interesting in shape or size or colour is fine with me! 😁

What is it about old hand mixers that makes them so stinking cute?  

I'm counting these old kitchen scales as a kitchen item, cause I can! 😂. I'm sure some kitchen items have been weighed on them at some time in the past. Possibly. 😬

And, they are great for displaying vintage cookie cutters.  Another little collection I absolutely adore. And the rustier the better! 

One of my new pudding bowls is great for displaying more cutlery on top of my vintage kitchen scales.

This old wooden box makes a great riser/display shelf. 


This old British Bobby (London's Metropolitan Policeman) cookie cutter was in the same box of vintage goodies I found on Marketplace. I actually had to Google what it was. Haha. 

The large black vintage baking tins I found at a church sale many years ago. I had to ask what they were at the time. Of course, I'm an expert now. Lol.

The mini cutting board was a thrifty find, as were all the small tart and pie baking tins.

The ice cream and melon scoops I found on holiday too. They are great in an old enamel bowl. I'm on the lookout for enamelware too now!

I love that I can hang items on the sides of the hutch too. 


This super cute whisk boom I found on holidays also. I haven't seen them anywhere in Australia before so I was super excited to find this one! 


This week I also found this cute little framed photo at the thrift store. I love old photos and sketches of different places from years past. I have a few more I've collected recently that I'll be sharing in another post soon.


I love the additional storage space this hutch provides in our small home.  I was worried that it might make the room look a bit cluttered, but I think it makes it more cosy having all the items I love on display.

I think it will be a great space to decorate for Easter and Christmas too!

Speaking of which, Easter is creeping up on us. 😲

But before then I'll be jumping on the love bandwagon and putting together a small Valentines vignette and look forward to sharing that with you all soon too. 💖


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  1. That hutch is going to be a great, hard-working addition to your lovely home.

  2. I can't believe you found that hutch section for free!! I love deals like that 😊 You've made it so beautiful with all of your vintage goodies. I have several of those bowls you call pudding bowls - I had no idea that's what they were called. Thanks for sharing - pinned 😊

    1. Thanks Cindy! My favourite kind of thrift - free! We call them pudding or mixing bowls here. Pudding cause of the shape I think, not that I have ever made a pudding before. Lol. Enjoy the rest of your week! Julie :)

  3. Wow, what a steal! I love it and all your treasures 😀

    1. Thanks Leen. I know, right? Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Oh my goodness this hutch top is amazing and it looks like they were made for each other! You did a great job!!


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