Hi Friends and Happy Wednesday!

You may have noticed I faux planked my dining table before Christmas. With all the Christmas posts I didn't get a chance to photograph and blog my table. So here it is!

And I must say after living with it for a month, I'm loving it! Sometimes I like to redo things out of boredom I think, and then switch them back and wonder why did I change them in the first place. Again, probably cause I just want/need a change. Do you ever feel like that? 

You may remember my original dining table that I bought back into our dining room in the later part of last year. I had sanded the top back and clear varnished it. I liked the contrast between the top and the legs. But I didn't love it. At the time, I just wanted a change.

Rewind back to 2014 when I faux planked this table the first time. 

Well, guess what? Planks are back in style! 

Or they are just back. In my house anyway. :)

I started by cleaning the table thoroughly. Then I lighted sanded it to give the paint something to stick to. 

I applied 3 coats of white British Paints H20 Enamel paint.

For my plank lines, I marked out the spacing on both edges, then used a long plank of wood to line up the markings and draw a light pencil line. 

I continued to use the plank as a guide to drag the corner my paint scraper down each line.  This removed the paint and left a slight imprint. This method also removed the paint so it looked uneven and more like real aged planks. 

To distress the corners of the table I used the metal edge of this right angle tool. It worked so well at taking off the paint and making it look naturally chippy. 

This tool also worked well by scrapping it across the top of the table to create areas of chippiness. 

When I was finished we noticed our wooden chargers were sticking to the table. I thought it may have been the paint, so I gave the table a clear coat of varnish as well. But this didn't help either. I finally figured out adding some felt stoppers to the bottom of each of the chargers fixed this problem. 

Here's my table at Christmas.

And here it was on Christmas Day. I love the way everything pops on the all white table now. 

I also found this grain sack stripe runner on sale after Christmas. It has the greenery on one side and the stripes on the other. I absolutely love it and for $7.50 it was a steal!

I love it topped with my white wooden riser and a wooden bowl of green topiaries. 

I'm happy with this change. White is my thing. And changing my mind is also my thing. And that's okay.

I've made another big change in the dining room and I'll be sharing it soon. 

Until then, take care and do what makes you happy. 

Julie :)


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