DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Tutorial

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I hope you have been having a great week. I'm beginning to forget what the sun looks like here in Sydney with all this rain!

Today I'm sharing my DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Tutorial. I made one of these trees a few years back and you can see the original post at the end. For this post however, I've done a full tutorial on how you can make your own.

First up, I needed to draft up the dimensions for my tree. I ended up making two different sizes, and so I have included two different plans. 😊

After the plans were drafted, I went to Bunnings for my supplies. For the trunk, I purchased a picket. They are cheap and come with a decorative top. 

And for my branches, I purchased pine planks measuring 42mm x 19mm x 1.2 metres. 

After cutting my planks to size, I painted them all white and then glued them together. I used cotton pads under my clamps to avoid indents.

This box came in handy to lift my tree off the floor and allow room for my clamps. 

I also added some nails to my branches to keep it all securely together.

When the base of my tree was done, I stood it upright to check it looked okay. Sometimes what looks good on paper, doesn't always look correct or in proportion when it is complete. Luckily, I was happy with the shape of my tree. 

Next I purchased some 15mm cup hooks. 

Then I measured up where I wanted them spaced. I generally left 1.5cms from each edge, and them spaced them thereafter. You can see the exact positioning of my screw holes from the diagram above. 

Next you want to check the length of your screws and set your drill accordingly, so as not to drill right through your wood. 

Rather than sanding my tree, I decided to use black paint to create an aged effect on the edges. 

You can easily do this by applying a small amount of paint to your finger, and smudging it on the tree, with extra emphasis on the edges. 

This part is optional, but you can also add string or wire lights to your tree. I chose silver wire lights. A string 6 meters was a good length.

I simply wrapped the wire around the hooks and worked my way down the tree. 

I used some double sided tape to attach my light battery pack to the back of my tree. 

Also as an option, you can add a hanger to the back of your tree if you plan to hang it on the wall. 

To decorate my tree I used wooden stars and gold glitter stars. 

And because my first tree was going to be a gift, I wrapped it. 😝

This is the second tree I made. I originally made it to the larger size, but had to cut it down as I could not find enough space on any of my walls to hang it! I still like the shape.

I have this tree in our entryway which you will see when I do my full home tour shortly. 😊

I've used champagne gold metal ornaments to bling it up a bit. 

And here is my tree and tutorial from a few years back which you can find here

I love that I can change of up the decorations each year. And, I can also add a different topper or leave it with the original top. 😊

So, if you are struggling to find space for a traditional tree, this is a great space saving option. 

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Take care and stay safe!

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