7 Days of DIY Christmas Tree Decorations - Day 2 - DIY Old Book Page Angel Ornaments

Happy weekend friends!

Happy Tuesday Friends and welcome to Day 2 of my DIY Christmas Tree Decorations!

 Today I'm sharing my DIY Old Book Page Angel Ornament

This ornament is super easy to make and looks so adorable. 

First, grab some old book pages. I have a book that I is my go to.

You will need 2 pages per angel. 

I cut my pages to approx 22cms x 12cms. 

Next, you want to fold the pages concertina style. I had 6 folds in total.

Next, fold each page approx one third down to create your body of your angel dress and the wings. 

Use hot glue to glue the two halves together. 

I thought my dress was a bit long and out of proportion, so I snipped off about an inch.  You can decide on a length that you like as well.

Next you want to grab some thin twine and a wooden bead.

Cut a length of about 5cms of twine and fold it into a loop.

Hot glue the end of your loop into the top centre of your angel dress.

Next you will need a pipe cleaner for the halo. To get the size right, I simply wrapped it around my finger.

Then twist the short end onto the long end. 

Take out your finger and bend down your circular halo. 

Snip your halo to length (approx 2cms) and glue to the back of your wooden bead.

Insert your bead or angel head over the twine.

Then glue in place.

As a finishing touch, I grabbed some gold ribbon, tied it in a bow and glued it to the neck of my angel. 

And there you have it. A very easy, cute little rustic old book page angel tree ornament. 

:) Julie