Thrifty Finds - Vintage Jar, Pegs and Folding Travel Hangers

 Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So talk of the town is Sydney should be coming out of lockdown on 11 October for those who are fully vaccinated. That's me! It's been a long 4 months. Luckily there has still been online thrifting. Phew! 😂

Speaking of thrifting, I recently acquired some really cool items to add to my vintage collection. In fact, there has been a lot of great finds, so brace yourself for lots of thrifty posts! 

Today I'm sharing a vintage jar, vintage wooden dolly pegs and vintage folding travel hangers. 

I'm always on the look out for vintage jars. They are great ways to display small items as a collection. I love this jar with the check blue fabric on top and rusty lid.

Although not rare, I'm still excited to own original vintage wooden dolly pegs! These are the first ones I've ever owned and they have been on my wish list for a while now. Tick that one off!

What is pretty rare and I think quite interesting are these metal vintage folding travel hangers. I've never seen them before but they are so cool. 

And look at the cool rusted green paint patina! 😍 I couldn't find a great deal of information about them so if you know anything at all, please leave a comment below. I love learning new things. 😊

I was thinking all these goodies would be great for Christmas too. Baubles in the jar, pegs for a Christmas card garland and some sort of decorations hanging from the vintage hangers. Cool, hey?

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I can't wait to pull out all my Christmas decorations and see what I bought at the sales last year in preparation for this year. Cause honestly, I can't remember what I bought. Maybe this year I'll take a few photos in prep for next year. 😂

Take care and stay safe!

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