DIY Vintage Round Coffee Table

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today I'm sharing my new coffee table. Or rather, my thrifted vintage coffee table, converted from a thrifted vintage dining table. What a mouthful! 😂


I used to have one very similar. 

Do you remember this one? For whatever reason, I sold it. And then I regretted selling it. So I kept my eye out for another one.  But they really are few and far between. 

So when this similar style table came up on Marketplace, I knew I could transform it into a coffee table by sanding down the top and cutting down the legs.

Unfortunately, when I got it home I realised that the top was not real wood, but MDF with lots of ridges, possibly from age and/or water damage. I researched the cost of the new wood top and it was too expensive. I knew I would have to wait and keep an eye out for another second hand table with a wood top to replace it or just find a whole new table.  But the legs were just too cute to not try.

So, in the meantime, I thought I'd try to work with what I had and see how it turned out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right? The only thing I could do was try sanding the top down and see what happened. Luckily, most of the ridges came out and I managed to get the top relatively flat. 

Next I got out my Zinsser 3 in 1 and gave the top a couple of sealing coats of paint in preparation for my DIY Chalk Paint. The top needed to be sealed against any type of moisture as MDF damages easily and when wet it can swell up and look dreadful. 

Next I unscrewed the legs. Thankfully these were solid wood. 🥳

I measured the height of our current coffee table and then sawed them down to size.

And after reattaching the legs, I gave the entire table 3 coats of white chalk paint. Then lightly hand sanded it smooth, allowing for some distressing around the legs. 

Lastly I applied a few coats of British Paints One Coat Clear to seal and protect the top and one coat on the legs. I love this stuff. It works so well to seal paint and furniture.

Look at those beautiful legs! 😍 And the our foot stools fit under it perfectly.

And I'm pleased to say the whole table turned out really well. 😊 You can't even tell that the top isn't real wood. The top clear coat wipes clean so easily. I totally love it!

Another piece of furniture saved from landfill. And I can honestly say, this time, this one is a keeper! 🙌

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Take care and stay safe!
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