Catching up on Stuff Around The House

 Happy Monday Friends!

Here is Sydney, Australia, we have been enjoying some beautiful sunny weather the past few days. We even took the frisbee to the park yesterday for some family fun and fresh air. 

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since my last post. Time flies! Two of those weeks have been school holidays and although we didn't go anywhere special, it was much needed time spent relaxing. 

Speaking of relaxing, it's definitely a cat's life in our house. This is Sparkles our 6 year old Ragdoll cat enjoying some downtime herself. 😸

Last week was the kids' first week back for Term 2, and I spent my days catching up on some deep cleaning.


How often do you deep clean your rugs? I try to do them at least twice a year. That is not including vacuuming at least once a week and spot cleaning when needed. I never used to be a "shoes off before you come in" sort of person, but it really doesn't make a difference when people aren't walking dirt in on the bottoms of their feet all over the rugs. Especially when our main rug when you walk into the living room is a very light grey pattern. 

When I clean our rugs, I use my Bissell Rug Stick, together with a clip in can of Bissell Heavy Traffic carpet cleaner.  I love these products! You literally just press down on the stick and the cleaner foams out on the carpet, then you scrub the carpet with the bristles on the stick to distribute the foam, lift the pile and scrub the dirt and stains out of your rugs. Then you simply vacuum up any loose dirt that the scrubber pulled out. My rugs always come up so fresh and clean and smelling like roses. Okay, not really roses, but really nice. 😉

I also tackled cleaning our jute rugs. These ones are a bit trickier to clean. (And I'm happy to hear any suggestions you may have!) I do vacuum them weekly with our Dyson on full power to pull all the dirt that may be stuck out of the fibres. But they really are very forgiving when it comes to stains and marks, which can be a good and a bad thing. I like to make sure everything is clean and with these rugs, it really is hard to tell. Unless they start to smell of course. 😱 Oh, and that is Raven, our 5 year old Ragdoll cross Domestic cat. Also relaxing by the front door. 😁

One little trick I use a couple of times a year is to clean the jute rugs with baking soda. For this process, I have a glass jar with some holes poked in the lid for sprinkling. I like to mix in some scented oil as well to leave my rugs smelling nice. My favourite is this diffuser oil in Sparkling Pomegranite from Adairs. 

I just sprinkled the baking soda and left them for few hours and then vacuumed. Cause of their texture, its hard to tell whether it mades any visual difference, but they definitely smell fresher. 😆 

I also thought it was time to wash all our throw blankets and cushion covers. I probably do this every change of season or quarterly.  At the same time I usually change/or wash our Ikea Ektorp soft covers. (Unless they are really grubby, then I'll do them sooner.) Last week I decided to change out our beige covers for the white ones while I was at it. I love both colours.  It's just nice to alternate them for a bit of variety. 

I also made a trip out to Ikea and picked up some new chair cushions for our dining chairs. I had bought ones recently from Spotlight but they were too big. They hung over the edges and slipped sideways every time you went to sit down.  The Ikea Malinda in a light beige colour are shaped better to our seats and smaller with a fabric that seems to grip the bottom of the seats so no sliding. I loved my previous ones from Ikea in the beige stripe fabric, but unfortunately they don't stock them anymore. If I had known I probably would have tried to deep clean them before throwing them away. Live and learn. 

I also called into Spotlight and didn't come away empty handed. Like when do I ever? 😂 Especially when they had 40% off flowers and plants. I couldn't pass up these two adorable potted plants.  I don't have any lavender plants and this one came in a cute cement pot. The other sweet brushed terracotta pot is filled with pretty light green flocked leaves and is going straight to the coffee table! 😀

Last but definitely not least, I've also been working on a special post that I'm so excited to be sharing next week!  More to come shortly!

In the meantime, have a safe and happy week everyone!