Mini Flower Pot Easter Table Decoration

 Happy Friday Everyone!

Can you believe the kids break up for Easter in a weeks time? Woohoo. 📣 I love school holidays, don't you? I can't wait to sleep in for 2 weeks and not have to worry about lunches and drop offs and pick ups and notes and assignments and the list just goes on.  And my kids are at an age where they are self sufficient and I genuinely love having them home. 😊  So the countdown to holidays is on!

On the downside, I usually don't get as many posts done with the kids home so today I filmed my Easter table setting and should have that post up in the next few days.  

I also need to finish decorating the house with all things Easter. I'm a bit late starting this year. Okay, a lot late. I just haven't felt like decorating. Which is totally unlike me. But hey, there's still time. 😛

Today however, I wanted to share the cute table decorations I made for this year's Easter place settings. (You'll also get a sneak peak at my Easter table!)

I spotted these cute Mini Terracotta Pots at Kmart a few weeks back. And by mini, I mean a wee 6cms high. Too cute, right? I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my Easter display, I just wasn't sure how. 

I had already set up my centre table decorations which included larger terracotta pots, so it stood to reason that these mini ones would fit in somewhere on the table. 

I had some shredded brown paper which I placed in the pots.

And some brown speckled eggs.  You could also use real hard boiled ones for an Easter breakfast table setting!

 I'd also picked up these Easter Bunny Craft Pegs from Spotlight a few weeks ago so I figured why not add them to the pots as well. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to print name place cards or not so I decided to go with something more generic and went with Happy Easter instead. I found the template for the cards at 11 Magnolia Lane. (Thank you so much Amy and Christy!).   And they just clipped onto the pot with the peg.

I love how they were so simple to make but add another element of fun to my Easter table. 

Have you done your Easter shopping yet? 

I especially look forward to the Darrell Lea Nougat Easter Eggs! Yummo! 😋

Take care and stay safe.

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