DIY Double Topiaries in Ikea Pots

Today I'm sharing my DIY double topiaries. 

What you'll need:
  • 4 x 20cms topiary balls.
  • 2 x 14cms Socker Ikea tin pots.
  • Floristry foam to fill both pots.
  • 2 large sticks from the garden.
  • Faux grass or moss.
  • Super glue.

Firstly decide how tall you want your topiaries and cut your sticks to size. Mine are approximately 50cms high.
Then position your topiaries on the stick and hot glue them in place.

Cut your foam to fit into your pots, and cut a circle of grass to sit on the foam.
Poke a hole in your grass and insert the stick into the grass and then into the foam.
Lastly, tie some cute twine around the pot to finish it off.

These topiaries were really cheap and easy to make and turned out so well.
Total cost was about $16 each. For the size I think that was pretty cheap. 

:) Julie