Changes in the Dining Room

If you know me, you know my home is ever changing. Here are a few changes in the dining room.

Let's start with the dining table. It's white. Again. The light natural wood didn't feel right so I went with what I know. Painting it white. Again. 

I also stained the wooden frame on my Cafe de Paris sign and retraced over the lettering in bold black marker to make it really stand out.  

I also printed and framed a black and white photo of the kids which was taken on our January holidays.

And you may also remember I recently shared my barn style sliding doors.

On to my sideboard. I distressed the mirror. I'm also going to distress the sideboard to match.

And I changed up the items on my sideboard.

Lastly, my lantern holders got a dry brushing of white paint to make them look more farmhouse style.

Now, what to restyle next. 

:) Julie