DIY Faux Vintage Farmhouse Window and an Easy DIY Wreath


Happy Weekend Friends!

Finding a genuine vintage window nearby has been a struggle. So I decided to make my own. 

In the past I have used an old photo frame. So I measured up my space and hit the thrift stores in search of the perfect wooden frame. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find one. So ... I hit Marketplace. 

And found a frame the perfect size close by for $5. 

I even asked if the frame was wood before I picked it up. But, when I got it home I realised it was in fact made of plastic, with the appearance of wood. So disappointing. But, I decided to give it a shot anyway. 

Then I hit Bunnings and bought a strip of moulding for my faux window panes. 

Next I painted my frame and moulding in with flat white paint. 

Then I measured out and cut my moulding.

Then I distressed it all lightly with sandpaper. 

I decided to try my luck with hot glue to attach my window panes. But they wouldn't stick, so I ended up using a strong bond glue. 

Add to this the fact that the frame was bowing at the bottom due to it being plastic, not wood! 

So back to Bunnings I went for more wood moulding to attach to the back of my frame to keep it from sagging. 

After all the moulding was attached, I attached two triangle picture hangers to the back. 

I also added an old window latch. 

I pretty happy with the way it turned out after all the time and effort. 

I especially love the way a string of fairy lights reflect off the glass at night. 

Again, I would have preferred a solid wood frame and would only use a solid wood frame in the future. 

While I'm sharing my new window, I thought I'd share a very simple wreath I made recently. 

For the frame I used a white wire coat hanger and bent it into a circle, keeping the hook for hanging. 

I had some vines on hand which I wrapped around the hanger. 

I used two vines to make my wreath nice and full. 

I'd definitely make more wreaths using this method in the future.  It was super fast and super cheap. 

I'm looking forward to finding new ways to decorate my new window. 😊

Julie :)


  1. I love your restyled window with the printers drawer! Brilliant idea Julie!


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