All I Want For Christmas is a .... Vintage Royal Typewriter!

 Hi Friends,

Wow, what a week! Firstly, I accidentally deleted an email that was directly linked to my blogger account, which in turn deleted my entire blog!!! Over 10 years worth of entries. Gone. 😭😭😭 

I'm desperately hoping Google will be able to restore my old blog, but in the interim I have had to create a new one. Cross everything that I can get my old site back. 🤞

In the meantime I have Christmas decorating to take my mind off things.  The tree is up and I'm just putting on some finishing touches. 

I've also started on my Christmas decor, which leads me to my early Christmas present that I'm sharing with you today!

I have always wanted a black vintage typewriter. 

You know the ones with the really cool round keys!

Well, when this little beauty popped up on Marketplace close by I just had to have it. 

And luckily I caught hubby in a generous mood. Lol.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered it is Royal KHM model typewriter, produced by the Royal Typewriter Company of Hartford, Connecticut in 1937. 

I love that it has a raised back and that the ribbons cases have capped tops. 

The typewriter is in great working order and was lovingly cleaned and repaired by the gentleman I purchased it from. 

The ribbons unfortunately have dried up so I either need to replace them or try re-inking them. Has anyone ever tried to re-ink typewriter ribbons? If so, I'd love some advice. 😃

Overall I'm super happy with my early present and am excited to have it as a talking piece proudly displayed in our home. 😊

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend! 

Julie :)


  1. Love your typewriter! If you can believe this, I was in my first year of high school and took typing. It was a fancy electric typewriter, and oh how I wanted one of those. So, I asked for one for Xmas.But, what did I get? A used, Royal typewriter, just like the one you have. I hated it. Can you imagine, I was long married , with kids and my parents had moved to a nursing home, and I had the task of cleaning out their home. There was that old typewriter that they had given me, collecting dust. I threw it out. Haven’t even thought of it until this post. Guess I should've kept it!

  2. Great machine, congratulations! No need to re-ink the dried out ribbon, just get a new one on Amazon and rewind the new ribbon onto your original spools. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing how to do this. BUT make sure you use the original ribbon spools, they are unique to the earlier Royal standards.


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