Updated Entryway Wall using Sharpie Shiplap and French Door Redo

 Whoops I did it again!

Yep, my black Sharpie has run amuck in the entryway. And I love it!!!  

I'm SO excited to be sharing this area of our home today. 😃


Here is what our entryway used to look like. I had previously done mdf board and batten on the walls. The problem was I was not loving it anymore and wanted the shiplap look here instead. But unfortunately I had glued my mdf strips to the wall. Which mean't a big mess trying to remove them.

So instead of removing them, I decided to board over them!

So I measured out my wall and then calculated where I wanted my Sharpie shiplap lines. 

I couldn't get an mdf sheet big enough to cover the wall, so I went with two sheets, of equal sizes, so they joined in the centre where one of my lines would be. This would disguise the seam. Tricky. 😉

I also added a scrap strip of mdf to the top of the wall so the wall would be even. 

And to attach the boards to the wall, I used my Dewalt staple/nail brad gun. No glue!

Getting my boards pre-cut at the hardware store was free and saved a lot of time. 

Then I applied 3 coats of my British Paints wall paint in the generic white. 

Next I grabbed my extra large spirit level, thick black paint pen, roller and lead pencil. 

I started by checking my seam to ensure it was straight. And it was! Phew!

I then used my level to trace over the line, ensuring the level was straight the whole way across. 

(Please excuse my chipped nail polish! No such thing as pretty nails when you are a DIYer. 😂)

This line hid the seam line perfectly. 

Next I used my ruler to pencil mark out the distance between each horizontal line. 

Then I used my level to draw my lines across the wall. I find I don't need to pencil mark the entire lines first as the level keeps them perfectly straight. 

To put on my new wall I made a new Welcome Home sign from an old photo frame insert. 

I also purchased a coat hanger rack from Bunnings. I took off the hooks and mounted them on a thicker piece of stained scrap pine to achieve the look I wanted. 

Before making any holes in my new wall, I took a picture of everything I wanted on the wall, and then played around with the placing in Pages. This was the look I settled on.

And here is the final wall! Pretty similar!

This is the first time I have done shiplap on a wall from floor to ceiling!  


Did you notice the mirror was new? I have been wanting to change out our entryway mirror for a long time but hadn't found anything I liked. 

I thrifted this one on Market Place during the week for $20! 

I love the size and the ornate frame.

 I wasn't sure whether I wanted to paint it white or add a different coloured gold Rub n' Buff. But now it is on the wall I think I will leave it as is for the time being. 😊

I hung my favourite straw basket and wall plant hanger on my new coat rack. 

I love they way my new sign turned out. 

And I love my vintage sieve. 

It's great to decorate too!

This is the view panning around into the kitchen.

I also decided to carry the shiplap over the the adjacent wall.

I used the same method of covering my wall with sheets of mdf, nailed in place. 
(That way they can always be easily removed).

I re-hung my favourite mirror. 😀

And while I was at it I gave the entryway table a styling refresh. 

This is the view from the kitchen.

This whole area looks so much bigger and brighter now. 

My Farmers Market sign hangs in the entryway over the French doors leading to the living room. 

Speaking of French doors, I decided to really make them pop by sanding them back to their original wood tone. They had been painted white prior. 

I think they add the right amount of contrast and warmth now to my new look entryway. 😊

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Julie :)

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