DIY Farmhouse Style Kitchen Shelf with Peg Hooks - Valentine's Theme

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Today I'm sharing my DIY Farmhouse Style Kitchen Shelf with Peg Hooks that I made recently. 

And, I've decked it out with a nod to Valentine's Day. 💘 😊 

The Initial Purchase

A few weeks ago I purchased an Ikea Wall Hanger with Knobs, mainly for the peg shaped hooks. I could not find them anywhere. But when I got the hanger home and put it together, it looked really small. 

I mean, once you hung something on it, it would be hard to see the actual hanger. 🔎 😕 

The Inspiration For My New Shelf

The look I was after was more like this.  I wanted a top shelf, cute wooden brackets, and cute wooden peg style hooks. 

My Next Purchase

Then I came upon an old wooden Ikea shelf at the thrift store. The shelf was new in packet, but is not sold at Ikea any more. (Sorry, forgot to take a pic of it unopened.)

What I loved most about this shelf was the curved wooden brackets. I do have a jigsaw, but I'm not skilled at using it. So to have the brackets and shelf already cut to the shape I wanted was a bonus!

A Restyle Plan Is Born!

So I put my new thrifted shelf and my Ikea hanging rack next to each other and came up with a restyle plan!

How I made My New Kitchen Shelf


  • 1 x Ikea Wooden Shelf (new and thrifted)
  • 1 x Ikea Rack with Knobs (as sold in store here.)
  • Piece of scrap pine.
  • Saw.
  • Hammer.
  • Drill (with drill bits x 2 sizes - 1 x screw diameter and 1 x peg diameter)
  • Lead Pencil
  • Tape Measure
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint and Paint Brush (optional)
  • Sandpaper for distressing (optional)
  • Wall mounts
  • Spirit Level

    Step 1

    I needed to find something to add to the back of my shelf. And, I just happened to have some scrap pine that was a good length. 

    So I measured the inside of my brackets and cut my pine to fit using a table saw. 

    I attached the insert by screwing it to the side brackets. 

    Step 2

    Next I unscrewed the pegs and pulled them out of the peg holes. 

    Step 3

    There were 6 pegs, but I only needed 5 after I spaced them out roughly to an aesthetic I was pleased with. And odd numbers always looks better. 😉 

    Step 4

    Then I drew a horizontal line to mark the height I wanted the pegs, and then used my tape measure to mark out the position of the pegs equally across the horizontal line.

    Step 5

    I grabbed my drill and attached a drill bit the width of the screws that came with the pegs. Then I drilled my holes from the front to the back. 

    Then I swapped out my drill bit for the size of my pegs and drilled the holes from the front to the back over the existing screw holes, making sure I did not go all the way through, only enough for the pegs to fit in wood.  

    Step 6

    Then I attached all my pegs. I needed a hammer to tap the pegs in tightly. 

    (I did go back and put wood glue in the holes for extra hold.) 

    And attached the screws from the back. 

    Step 7

    I decided to paint my shelf white, but you could also leave it a natural wood colour. 

    I used two coats my British Paints H2O enamel paint. 

    Step 8

    Then I grabbed my sandpaper and distressed all the edges.  Again, this is optional. 

    🎶 Cause Hang On. Help Is On Its Way. 🎶

    Last step was hanging it up! 🤗

    I decided to hang it on the side of the pantry cupboard wall. There was a slight overlap, but it didn't interfere with the opening of the pantry door. 

    I used two tooth hangers on the back, and then screwed two screws in line with the hooks (in case it gets bumped I didn't want it falling off the wall! Unfortunately I've had shelves fall before and items get broken. 😓). The extras screws made it extra secure and I was happy to put some breakables into my display.  

     Dressing Up My New Kitchen Shelf 

    Can I first just say that I love how my shelf turned out and where I decided to hang it. 

    This used to be a very boring space, but now it is one of my favourites! The things I can hang and display here are endless! I'm excited just thinking about it! 🤗 

        Elements in My Display

        Chalkboard sign

        My DIY Photo Frame Chalkboard has had "Let's Stay Home" written on it for the last 2 years. Quite relevant, unfortunately. 

        But it's time for this little chalkboard sign to do some work .... in the kitchen!

        For A Small Shelf, It Holds A Lot!

        This shelf may be a tiny 60cms wide and 15cms deep, but I was able to get a lot on it! 

        Vintage Scales & A Faux Rusted Heart Cookie Cutter

        What better item to have on my shelf than a good old vintage kitchen scale! 

        I have two of these which I usually display together, but I'm breaking out of the symmetry mould. Go me! 🙌

        The rusted heart cookie cutter is a recent DIY from my Valentine's display. I love me a rusty cookie cutter!

        Old Pudding Bowl and Vintage Cutlery

        The old pudding bowl is part of my recently started bowl collection. This little one is so cute, especially when it's holding some old tarnished cutlery.

        Vintage Milk Bottles

        I purchased a few more milk bottles for my collection recently. These are two of them! I'll have to share the rest in another post!  

        Some pops of red ribbon add to my Valentine's theme. 

        A Vintage Metal Scoop

        I think I forgot to share this in last week's Thrifty Finds, but I got it at the same market I got the little old ladder. I think it was once used for sugar and flour? In any event, a bit of tarnish adds to its patina! 

        Vintage Butter Pats/Paddles

        My antique butter pats feature so well in another of my vintage pudding bowls. 

        Potted Greenery with Old Book Page Hearts

        I got this cute little potted plant from Spotlight. I think it might be a herb??

        I had some old book page hearts left over from my Valentines bunting so I "planted" them in with my potted greenery. 

        I've Got It Pegged

        I was also able to hang lots of goodies off the "oh so cute" peg hooks! 

        I went with a few wooden items such as the cutting boards and spoon, together with my little vintage whisk broom.  

        And for Valentines Day I added a red striped tea towel from Kmart, and a thrifted old heart baking mould. 

        I don't often share our kitchen cause it is an area that really needs an upgrade. But to give you a better idea of this area, our laundry leads off the kitchen which is adjacent to our pantry and my new shelf! 

        Also in this area is my old pot cupboard I rescued from the roadside. We use it to put our recycling bin on. I always think it looks so messy here. 

        So I did a little brain storming and came up with the idea of having the plastic bucket hidden in a pretty basket.

        But while I was basket shopping, I found this cute white plastic basket that fit inside it perfectly!  If they had a bigger size I could have probably just used the bucket by itself!  

        But it does fit well in this basket I also found at Kmart.

        And it looks much neater. 😊

        Never Before Seen Photos!

        Our kitchen is located directly in front of you as you walk into our home, past the entryway. 

        There's my new shelf! We used to have the cat feeding bowls on the floor below the shelf, but I've moved them into the laundry and now this area looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing. 😁

        Speaking of which, there's our cat Raven! 😍

        Project List

        I'd really like to do a few more things in the kitchen. 

        1. Laundry Door

        Hubby added the extra strip of wood so Raven could go into the laundry and out the window to her litter box. In summer a lot of heat comes in the window so we like to keep the door closed. This option isn't the prettiest look unfortunately. 

        2. The Recycling Container

        I may have already ticked this off the list! Unless I find a better option. 😁

        3. Paint The Walls

        The walls are currently a shade of Natural White. I'd like to paint them the same Vivid White as the Living Room and add my Faux Shiplap. 

        4. Organise the First Aid Box Area 

        We do use the Vintage Metal First Aid Box for our First Aid items! But I'm thinking maybe a small shelf above might provide extra storage.

        5. Light Switch Makeover

        Do you label your light switches? I'd like some pretty labels, like the ones you do with the little label gadgets. I'm also not sure about the silver switch mount. Something to think about!

        6. Seeing the Signs

        I also have a few Kitchen Themed signs I'd like to display. It's about finding the right spot!


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        1. You did a great job on this project! It's awesome that you took the pegs and added them to your shelf! And you styled it perfectly. Pinned 😊 Feel free to share this post on Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week!


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