Farmhouse Style Living Room Tour - Shop Your Home Restyle

Hi friends and happy Friday! 

Continuing on from my recent Dining Room Tour, today I'm sharing my Living Room Tour using items shopped from around my home. I thought I best get in now before I start getting the Christmas decorations out. Which I may or may not have already started doing. Please tell me I'm not the only one? 🙏😂

Our living room is kind of like two different areas due to the shape of the room and having to have our sofas in line with each other, rather than at right angles. I have tried it this way, but it makes the room look even smaller. 

So this is the first area. It's closest to the fireplace. I've added an inexpensive round coffee table to this space that I purchased in the interim while I look for a proper vintage coffee table. The potted flowers had been packed away and the doily is from my collection which was also put away. 

My corner display cabinet holds all my vintage inspired goodies.  The white scales used to be in the entryway. And the binoculars, white wooden drink coaster holder and black vintage baking tins were packed away.

My large blanket basket was also previously next to the TV unit. The white chest will be moved to make space for our Christmas tree. It's taking all my strength to refrain from putting it up. 😂

This area also encompasses my thrifted mantel. I truely think this is one of my best finds. It really transforms the room. It's also larger than my previous mantel which means I can display more things. 🙌😁

I made this sign a few years ago cause we all need a little inspiration sometimes. 😁 It had been sitting out in the garage.

This is the current styling of my mantel. I adore my large mirror with the Rub n Buff frame. 

And who can go past some old vintage books. 

I got this cute dear picture from Spotlight a while ago.  The pots were also a diy using plaster. And the little bottles were previously in the display cabinet. 

And looking back towards my French doors is the other half of our living room.  The French doors used to be painted white. I'm considering painting them again. 

I'm also thinking of swapping out my DIY side tables for some small round side tables.  All the items on the tables are from other areas of our home.

Here is my new DIY vintage coffee table that I recently posted about. 

My DIY shelves have been restyled with different items from around my home.

Don't you just love a rusty old grater? Or is that just me? 😂. The grater and the bottles were all in my display cabinet.

The picture is out of storage, as it the planter. The old jar was also in my display cabinet.

These items were also previously in my display cabinet. The mirror was in storage.

My cow has been put away for a while so it was nice to bring him out again.

And those are real pressed flowers that I framed. 

This area is also where we watch TV.  The lamb picture on the right is was also packed away.

I like having this area next to the TV styled.

I added some Rub n Buff to the hardware on my cabinet near the TV. It warms the piece of furniture up. 

The old fan used to be on my office desk and the lantern was in the display cabinet. And the cow print was also packed away.

I love my vintage little glass bottles. I'd love to get some more. 

A few small festive items are creeping into our decor. I'm looking to do something a bit different this year. But I'll keep that as a surprise. 😉

Take care and stay safe everyone!