Mother's Day Table Setting Farmhouse Style

Hello friends! 😁

This weekend is Mother's Day, and to celebrate I've put together a special Mother's Day Table Setting using my signature neutral farmhouse palette, and incorporating some pops of pale pink to add softness and femininity. 

I am absolutely blessed to be a mother myself.  I have a beautiful, caring, intelligent daughter and a handsome, smart, cheeky son. Both are the light of my life and make me proud to be a mum every single day. It's true the saying that being a mum is the hardest job you will every have, but also the most rewarding. 😊

My journey into motherhood was not difficult, with me falling pregnant with little effort. Even my pregnancies were relatively easy. I had mild nausea and indigestion but otherwise both pregnancies went smoothly. Giving birth was scary, but again, I had no complications and both children were born healthy. So I don't have any big stories to tell, but that doesn't make me any less grateful to be a mum. I know every day it is a privilege and honour to be raising little humans to be the best people they can be.

Being a mother is such a selfless job that it's nice to have a day to acknowledge how special mothers are to us all. To show how much we care and appreciate everything they do, and to spoil them and take care of them for a change.

So here is my special table setting to celebrate Mother's Day! 

For this table setting, I started off with a crisp white tablecloth.  I haven't actually done a table setting with a white cloth before, instead opting for the beauty of our wooden table top. But I must say, I love the elegance it adds to our table.

As a runner down the centre of the table, I used my trusty neutral burlap runner. It always makes a great backdrop for centre table arrangements, and I love the contrast against the white tablecloth. 

Next I chose a large glass vase of cream Magnolias and pink Stock flower stems as my central table focal point. The Stock stems are a generous 80cms heigh. Go big or go home, right? 

 I love that you can see the full flowers, including their stems.

I also love the shade of light pink in the Stock flowers, contrasting with the cream of the Magnolias.

On the outsides of the vase I added two pots of white Hydrangea flowers.

Each pot is entwined with thick corded rope adding extra texture to the table.

After choosing my centrepiece, I began experimenting with layering different elements outwards in a symmetrical manner. I love to have balance in my table settings.

Next to my large vase I added some Ikea plants in metal tin pots tied with twine.

Followed by some white flowers in black pots.

No table setting is complete without candles, especially a Mother's Day table where you want to incorporate some romance and softness. For this reason I used my white distressed pillar candle holders.

And to tie in my candles, I wrapped them in pink patterned cardboard from my scrapbooking supplies.  I love that I can switch up the candles just by wrapping them in different materials.

Next I added some cute little plants in cardboard pots.

And a large white chrysanthemum flower delicately laid at the end. Plus some cute tea light candles.

Whilst I was planning out all the positions, I intertwined a white flower floral garland.  Garlands are great at filling in gaps and hiding stray flower stems.

For my place settings I went with a gold theme. I began with a light gold fabric placemat, layered with a gold string placemat. Then added pure white dinner plates.

I went with a beige napkin for contrast, and topped it with a pink peony flower tied with some raffia string. And in following with the gold theme, I went with gold cutlery.

And for my glasses I added crystal wine glasses. It is a celebration after all. 😉

Because our table it relatively long, I was able to comfortably seat 6 identical settings.  
(And on a side note, the new chair cushions from Ikea are fabulous! They are comfortable and fit perfectly.) 

After the table was complete, I focused my attention on the wall behind. I usually have a cow print above the table, but for this setting I decided to go with my favourite French Cafe sign.

It just makes the atmosphere feel more like a fancy cafe and all mums love some cafe time! Am I right?

I also wanted to change up my metal wall vases. I usually have some neutral wildflowers in them, but given I was adding colour to the table, it only stood to reason I should add a bit of colour to the wall as well. 

I had purchased a few bunches of pink peonies for the place settings and after pulling them apart I had a few left over which worked perfectly together with some white stock flowers, also complementing the pink stock flowers on the table.

I think I was able to add some colour (despite my tendency for all neutrals) without being too overwhelming. The soft pink tones, together with the creams and whites and neutrals all came together well to create an inviting Mother's Day table setting.

And to all the mother's out there, including my own, I wish you a very special Mother's Day this weekend and thank you for everything you do! 

I'm looking forward to my pancake breakfast next Sunday. 😉

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