New Round Jute Rug

Happy Friday everyone! And TGIF! I thought I'd quickly share my new round jute rug from Spotlight that I purchased for the entryway. It arrived about a week ago and I just unpacked it today. Do you ever do that? Buy something and then don't have the energy the unpack it cause all the fun was in the purchase. 

Anyway, after finally unwrapping it, I'm actually a bit disappointed with the colour.  It's a lot darker than the online photo. Why do products always appear different colours online? And when there is more than one photo, they are all different shades to make things a little more confusing! 😖 Does it stop me from shopping online? Of course not! Moral of the story, less complaining and more shopping. 😆 

Back to the rug. I do however love the pattern of this rug and it's a good size. I'm sure the colour will grow on me. 

But the final verdict lay with our cat, Sparkles. And after a good sniff ...

And a bit of claw sharpening ...

It's a winner! 😁