Hi Friends! 

Okay, so this has to be one of my favourite Christmas projects ever!

I was out shopping the other day and saw some gorgeous sherpa stockings at Bed Bath n Table. These became the inspiration for this year's stockings.

I did consider just buying them, but at $30 each I wanted to see if I could make them cheaper.

So off to Spotlight I went and found this white sherpa fabric with grey pleather (faux leather made from plastic) backing.  It was on sale for just under $20 a metre. I purchased one metre and this turned out to be more than enough for 4 stockings.

For my stocking, I found this free pattern, which I printed, cut out and stuck together.  It doesn't appear to be available online any more, but this one is supposed to be the same dimensions.

After folding my fabric in half, I pinned my pattern and cut it out, together with a small strip for the hanging loop. I did this 4 times for my 4 stockings. Next I sewed around all the stockings, and attached the hanging loop.

Then turned them right side out. 

I then decided to add a cuff to each stocking by cutting some thick strips of sherpa.

First I sewed the edges together and turned them right side out.

Next I sat them on the outside of the stockings, where the cuffs should sit. Folding a small amount over the edge of the stocking, I then hot glued the top of the cuff to the inside of the stockings.

They looked so cute, but a bit bland. And how would be tell which one belonged to who?

So I went through my stash and decided to make a few wooden hanging tags.

I grabbed some leftover pine strips and cut them into 3 inch tags. Then I used some walnut stain to stain them.  I used a white paint pen to print our names. And some beads and twine to create the hanging loop. 

I also had some small air dry clay ornaments that I've used to tie cutlery together on our Christmas table in previous years which I decided to attach. 

And the pleather on the inside is super soft as well.  

I really wasn't sure about how these would turn out, but they are so plush and have a wintery/snowy vibe to them which I love. And I can always change the tags up if I want in coming years.

And the total cost of this project was under $20! It would have cost me $120 for the store bought ones so I think I did good, don't you?

I'm so looking forward to finishing up my Christmas decorating in the coming weeks and sharing my home tour with you!  Have you started decorating yet?

:) Julie


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