DIY Sherpa Christmas Stockings with Wooden Tags

Okay, so this has to be one of my favourite Christmas projects ever!

A few years ago I made our own personalised Christmas stockings. 

This year however I wanted to swap them out with something different.

I saw these sherpa ones at Bed Bath n Table and they became the inspiration for this year's stockings.

I did consider just buying them, but at $30 each I wanted to see if I could make them cheaper.

So off to Spotlight I went and found this white sherpa fabric with grey pleather (faux leather made from plastic) backing.  It was on sale for just under $20 a metre. I purchased one metre and this turned out to be more than enough for 4 stockings.

For my stocking, I found this free pattern here, which I printed, cut out and stuck together.  

After folding my fabric in half, I pinned my pattern and cut it out, together with a small strip for the hanging loop. I did this 4 times for my 4 stockings. Next I sewed around all the stockings, and attached the hanging loop.

Then turned them right side out. 

I then decided to add a cuff to each stocking by cutting some thick strips of sherpa.

First I sewed the edges together and turned them right side out.

Next I sat them on the outside of the stockings, where the cuffs should sit. Folding a small amount over the edge of the stocking, I then hot glued the top of the cuff to the inside of the stockings.

 They looked so cute, but a bit bland. And how would be tell which one belonged to who?

So I went through my stash and decided to make a few wooden hanging tags.

I grabbed some leftover pine strips and cut them into 3 inch tags. Then I used some walnut stain to stain them.  I used a white paint pen to print our names. And some beads and twine to create the hanging loop. 

I also had some small air dry clay ornaments that I've used to tie cutlery together on our Christmas table in previous years which I decided to attach. 

And the pleather on the inside is super soft as well.  

I really wasn't sure about how these would turn out, but they are so plush and have a wintery/snowy vibe to them which I love. And I can always change the tags up if I want in coming years.

And the total cost of this project was under $20! It would have cost me $120 for the store bought ones so I think I did good, don't you?

I'm so looking forward to finishing up my Christmas decorating in the coming weeks and sharing my home tour with you!  Have you started decorating yet?

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  1. Gorgeous Julie! Great tutorial and those are so pretty. The tags add so much. Pinned!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Denise. All the best, Julie

  2. Julie, these stockings are so pretty and I'm feeling motivated to make some as well. I'm excited to feature your post this week at the Tuesday Turn About Link Party. Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I hope you do make some as well! And thank so much for the feature. Just the pick me up I needed! x Julie

  3. Your stockings are gorgeous and so are those lovely tags!

  4. Your stockings are so beautiful! And I love the tags. I was thinking I needed new stocking tags and these have totally inspired me!

    1. Thank you Candice! So glad you liked them. All the best, Julie


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