DIY Loft Bed from Ikea Drawers

Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing my son's new loft bed, make from Ikea Malm drawers. 

My son already had a regular white wooden single bed frame and mattress.

So first thing we did was saw off the legs.

This gave us the top frame to work with.

Next we used some construction timber to build a frame to go next to the wall, on the other side of the drawers. The frame needed to be the length of the bed and the height of the Ikea drawers which were 80cms.

To match the bed, we go my son on the roller to paint the frame white. 

Next we cut 3 thick MDF board to the width of the bed. These would act as the base of the bed and keep the sides together. 

After standing the side frame up against the wall and positioning the drawers in place, we attached the MDF sheets using screws.

Next we lifted the bed frame onto the top of the drawers and frame. 

And using metal L brackets we attached it in place to the base. 

Next we put all the slats back on the bed (or the kids did, hehe). Followed by the mattress and bedding. 

And there you have it. A DIY loft bed for a fraction of the cost of a new bed. 

There is now cubby space underneath and a tuck away stool to climb up into the bed. And so much storage in the Ikea drawers. 

This new bed is such a space saver in a small bedroom.

We added a night light to the wall and a shelf for my son's drink bottle and clock.

We probably should have attached the MDF sheets with the white painted side up, but that is a fix for another day. 

The Ikea Malm drawers cost $149 each. The construction timber was approx $20 and the MDF sheets were off cuts for $6 the lot. Plus in the cost of screws and brackets and paint. So, after utilising his current single bed frame, the cost of his new loft bed was only approx $340.

We are all very happy with that. 

Julie :)