DIY Hippity Hoppity Easter Sign

Hi everyone,

I hope you have been having a good week! 😀

 I can't believe I almost forgot to show you guys my new DIY Easter sign I made for the dining room.

I made this sign a few weeks ago on the back of last year's sign. 

The MDF insert just slips into my current "Cafe de Paris" sign. Pretty nifty! I can do multiple signs for every occasion. 😊

To make this sign I first painted my MDF with white paint.  Then I designed and printed off my writing and the scrolls on the computer.

I shaded the back of my writing, then traced the front to leave a lead imprint.
Next I traced the scroll and letters with regular black marker.

I found the bunny picture and printed it off and then carefully cut around it. Next I used Modge Pod to apply it seamlessly to my MDF.  Then I free handed the hill and grass with black pen.

I'll let you all in on a secret, it wasn't all smooth sailing. I initially switched up my Hippity Hoppity with Hoppity Hippity and had to go back and fixed the HI and HO. This took a few coats of white paint over the incorrect letters, then using my template to fill in the correct letters. It all worked out in the end and you can't tell the difference. Phew! 😌

I love Easter, and with all the shops currently having half price sales it's hard not to buy a few extra decor items.  Well, hard for me anyway. 😅

I'm looking forward to sharing my full Easter Tour with you all this week.  

Take care everyone!