DIY Rustic Crate Side Table

Firstly, thank you to Ashley at the Little Glass Jar, who gave me the inspiration and courage to make my own crate side tables. Pop over to her blog to see how gorgeous hers are.

Let me start by saying, this project was way out of my comfort zone as I usually restyle furniture, not build it!

When I initially did my measurements and calculations to make my side tables out of smooth treated pine timber, it was about $100 each!

Then hubby showed me the treated pine fence palings for $1.50 each. They have a rough surface so the only downside is you need to sand them down.  But for that price, I'm happy to sand.

I needed 9 for one side table and then a 240cms length of framing timber for the inside supports (60cms each) which was $8.00.  This definitely seemed like a much cheaper option.

I wanted my tables to be approximately 60cms deep x 40cms wide x 60cms tall.

My palings were 10 cms wide. So my cuts were as follows:

Sides: 12 x 60cms lengths
Front and back: 12 x 40cms lengths
Top: 4 x 62cms lengths

Plus framing timber as follows:

4 x 60cms lengths

After making all my cuts, I gave each piece a hand sand with sandpaper to take off some of the roughness and smooth all the edges.

I started by making the sides first. Lining up the first paling with a set square before nailing it into place.

To make a gap between the palings I used 2 x 20 cent coins.

When it was all nailed and screwed together, I gave it a sand with my orbital sander and applied a clear varnish. I was happy with the colour of the timber so didn't have to stain it.  The timber still has a roughness to it but I think this really adds to the rustic look I was after. In fact, it looks like a real crate!

My only other expense was the screws which were $5 for a large packet. I used a third of the screws so approximately $1.50.

So the total cost was for my custom made crate side table was ....

drum roll please ....


Only two more to go!

:) Julie 

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