My New IKEA Ektorp Sofa Covers in Lofallet Beige

I have always had white Ektorp sofa covers. I love my white covers, UNTIL they start to look grubby. I also only have one set of covers, so it takes a whole day to remove and wash and dry the covers, and in the meantime, no one can sit on the lounges.

And so this was my justification for buying some new covers, especially going into Autumn here in Australia, I wanted something that would bring warmth to the room. 

I went with the Lofallet Beige as it is the least expensive of the colours available and it is also a beautiful neutral colour to match in with the rest of my decor.

The fabric is slightly softer, but this might be cause they are new and haven't been washed a lot. 

And after living with them for almost a week, I really do like them!

The room is still very light and bright and it actually feels like we have brand new sofas.

Here is the comparison of colours. On the left is the beige and on the right is the white.  I'll still keep my white for Summer, but for Winter I'm happy with the beige.

I've read reviews that say the beige is more forgiving with dirt and pet hair, so fingers crossed they wont need washing as often.

:) Julie