Small Speckled Egg Framed Wreath


Hi Friends!

Today I'm sharing a cute little Easter DIY.

Ill you will need is an old picture frame, chicken wire, wire cutters, a roll of flexible wire and some mini foam speckled eggs. 

Begin by cutting a length or wire a little longer than the size of the circle you want to make. Next start threading your foam eggs onto the wire. I used 10 eggs which were approx 4 cms each.  

When you are happy with the size of your circle and measured to check if fits nicely in your frame, twist the wire ends to close the circle.

Next you will want to cute your chicken wire to fit your frame and attach it using a staple gun. 

Next I used some jute twine to attach the wreath to the chicken wire and tied a cute little bow, making sure my bow covered where my circle joined.

Lastly I distressed my frame go give it an aged effect. My frame was already painted white so it was easy to give it a light sand. 

This project is the perfect addition to my farmhouse Easter decor.

Julie :)