Turquoise Dresser Restyled

Here is my daughter's new turquoise dresser.  

This is the original cream coloured dresser we purchased secondhand about a year ago. 

So I've finally a year later got around to making it pretty. :)  First of all I gave it a white undercoat.  

I mixed up a gorgeous shade of turquoise using flat white paint, mixed with blue, yellow and green acrylic paint.  All of which I had in my paint stash. :)

I also gave the cute little drawer knobs a spray of white paint.  They originally had been a shiny silver metal.  I was going to totally replace them, but the white is perfect.

Then I distressed all the edges and gave the entire piece a light sand.  I'll also give it a coat of clear gloss when I can get to the hardware to purchase some more. :)

I love it!  

:) Julie



  1. so beachy and beautiful! love the color!

  2. It is so sweet! You did just the right amount of distressing and the color is beautiful. I have a party on Fridays and I would love if you linked up!


    1. Thanks Jenny. I'd love to! Thanks for the invite! x J

  3. this is so adorable! you did a great job!

    Rustic Living - www.itsrusticliving.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks! I dropped by your blog, seems we have very similar tastes. :) x J

  5. I love the color choice!! It looks amazing! Thanks so much for stopping by to link up at Sassy Sites ffa Friday party! Have a great weekend!


  6. Looks SO good Julie!!! Thanks LOTS for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity!

    XO, Aimee

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