French Inspired Framed Meal Planner

If you are anything like me, you do your shopping list each week with a rough idea of what you will be having for lunch and dinner.  Then when it comes to actually preparing meals, you can't decide what to make or what ingredients you bought to make which meals.  And quite often we waste a lot of food. All very frustrating.  

I made us a Photo Frame White Board French Inspired Menu Meal Planner to hang in the kitchen.

Each week I'll fill in what meals we will be having with a whiteboard marker as I do our grocery list.  It can then be wiped clean the following week or amended. :)

This was very easy and fun to make. The photo frame was given to me so no cost there.

I mixed up my own gorgeous shade of turquoise paint using white, blue and green acrylics and a sprinkle of tile grout to give it that chalky paint look.

After 2 coats of paint I gave it a good sand and distress on the edges.

On the computer I designed a French style menu template to suit our needs which included lunch and dinner every day, and a space for items to add to the weekly shopping list.

I also added a French label to the top of the menu to make it look more authentic.

To hang our menu, I added a metal pull ring on the back.  I'm collecting them now. :)

I had to purchase a whiteboard marker for $5, but that was my only expense.

So now I have a cute wall menu and I'm hoping to be a bit more organised with meal planning.

:) Julie


  1. So cute! Great job. I plan our menu every week, but I just write it on our ugly fridge calendar...I should create something adorable like this! Don't forget to link up to our party this week!

  2. I love this, Julie! Such a great idea and I love the pretty look you gave it. I found you from the link up at Whisperwood Cottage.


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