Revamp - Twin Set T-Shirt and Shrug from 2 old tops!

Remind me next time to take a before photo. :)  But to give you an idea, I started with 2 long sleeve tops with gathered arms and bodices.  They were both very long and had an A line shape.  I thought they looked dreadful on my daughter.  So ....

Revamp time!!!

Now I have a very cute T-Shirt and matching Shrug!

With the T-Shirt I cut off the sleeves and trimmed them with a floral mauve cotton fabric.  I used the same fabric to create a sweet ruffle flower on the bodice.  I also used the sleeves to create 2 more ruffle flowers for the bodice.  

With the Shrug I used a no-sew pattern and simply cut the shrug into the right shape, unpicked the gathering on the arms and bodice, then sewed on a large ruffle flower in the same material as the T-Shirt and presto ... a really cute little matching shrug.

And my client is loving it too. :)  Always a good sign of a job well done!